The beer market in Romania, moderate growth in 2018

The Romania’s Brewers Association has announced the evolution of the local beer market last year, stating that the market has registered a 3 percent increase in 2018, reaching a volume of 16.6 million hectoliters, while the beer consumption per capita stood at 85 liters.

The non-alcoholic beer segment has seen a rise by 30 percent. If during previous years, PET beer was the most purchased product, now the PET package is on decline, by 5.83 points in the past four years, while the glass package is on the rise, by 3.65 pp in the past 4 years.

It is an increase mainly due to the diversification of the product portfolios, to the variety of beer assortments that producers have made available to Romanian consumers, a fact that responded very well to their preferences on beer and also stimulated them to experience new tastes”, Lucian Ghinea, the president of the Romania’s Brewers Association, told a press conference on Tuesday.

The association also reported that the beer production represents a real incentive for the Romanian economy and that that the local beer productions is based on 70pc to 97 pc ingredients coming from the national agriculture. Moreover, in terms of workforce, the beer sector is providing over 85.000 jobs for the Romanians.

The Romanians’ preferences in terms of light beer/non-alcoholic beer are on the rise, following the European consumption trend. Although a small share segment on the market, the non-alcoholic beer has registered a record increase in Romania last year. This result confirms that beer is integrated in more consumption situations, with Romanians choosing not to give up their favorite drink, in its light version though, when they are driving or during lunch time at work,” said in her turn Julia Leferman, general manager of the association.

The value of the investments made by the brewers in Romania last year stood at EUR 74.5 million, with the cumulated level of investments in the past 15 years reaching EUR 1.54 billion. Last year, the contributions to the state budget mounted to EUR 255 million, while the ones for 15 years exceeded EUR 3.62 bln.

Despite a slight increase of the imports in 2018, of 0.07 million hectoliters, the local beer market continues to have a deep national character, with the share of the local production standing at around 97% of the domestic consumption.

On the other side, beer exports have almost doubled as against imports, yet keeping a low profile, of only 0.54 M hectoliters.

Lager beer continued to top the Romanians preferences last year as well, with a share of 93.61%. The category comprising stout beer, white or red beer, has a share of 2.25%, while the light beer counts for 1.87% of the market, registering a record increase of 30% as against 2017.

At the same time, beer mixes and flavoured beers have seen an increase of 8.23%.

The number of beer producers is also on the rise, reaching 56 last year as against 39 in the previous year.

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