The first medical city commissioned in Romania – 35,000sqm of hospital units

• The fourth hospital unit built from scratch in Bucharest over the last 30 years.

• greenfield investments in hospitals, an emergency.

The first medical city in Romania, Enayati Medical City, was built  from scratch in the northern Bucharest during 2 years.

The hospital units have a total capacity of 300 beds, imaging, operating rooms, 18 ICU beds, radiotherapy, PET CT, nuclear medicine, center for recovery and physiotherapy and 60 medical offices covering all specialties from family medicine to integrative medicine with all the necessary infrastructure designed and executed according to 2021 legal and medical requirements.
Over the last 30 years, only 4 greenfield hospitals have been built in Bucharest: The Euroclinic hospital built in 2005 and acquired in 2010 by the Queen Maria network with an area of 4,000 m2, the Monza cardiovascular Center hospital with an area of 18,000 m2, The children’s hospital Victor Gomoiu with 19300 m2 (the only state investment) and Enayati Medical City with a surface area of 35,000m2 and multiple hospital functions.
The first medical city in Romania, Enayati Medical City, has shown that it can be done from zero, quickly and correctly the performing hospital infrastructure that serves primarily the public interest, in conditions of maximum medical and human safety. The investment amounted to 60 million EUR and lasted from the construction permit phase to the actual opening – 2 years.

Dr Wargha Enayati: “In 2 years we have achieved a 300-bed hospital unit considering all circuits and the needs that such a structure might have. From the medical gas circuit, to 7 different ventilation circuits above the applicable standards (post-operator and ICU, operating rooms, bone marrow transplant, radiotherapy, medical practice, and lounges), to the water supply above 100 m3, at distances in accordance with the applicable regulations including epidemiological, on the electricity grid, carried out in real consumption parameters, all have been designed and executed from the beginning. This is the great asset of the hospital built from scratch, which is why I consider investment in new hospitals to be a maximum emergency in Romania. That is why we have developed the greenfield hospital infrastructure with Monza partners.”

Enayati Medical City
• one oncology and recovery hospital with 6 operating rooms and 100 beds, out of which 18 in ICU and chemotherapy operated by Monza, bunkers for radiotherapy, PETCT and nuclear medicine operated by Neolife,
• a recovery and geriatrics hospital with short-term recovery sections, long-term recovery, neurodegenerative diseases and palliation with 150 beds
a residential center for elderly people with apartments and rooms designed to ensure a dignified living for our seniors, with 50 seats and a day center for recreational seniors activities
• the largest polyclinic with 60 offices where different medical service providers will operate (Concierge Medical by Intermedicas, Dr Leventer, Dr Leahu, Secom, Clarfon, Senior City, Synevo) that will cover all areas of medical specialties, from family practice to cardio and neuro recovery,
• a wellness center with physio-kinetotherapy, equipped with a swimming pool, fitness hall and all the latest functions
In addition to medical functions, in Enayati Medical City we included restaurant, café, shops, pharmacies, offices, conference room with 200 seats, exhibition and leisure space, underground parking with more than 170 places, suspended gardens, light courts and luxury decorations.

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