The largest transaction on the new property market in Pipera in 2021

Romanian entrepreneur Daniel Guzu acquired a villa within the Oxygen Home project developed by Alina Marulis, placed on the edge of the Băneasa forest, near the American School. The budget exceeds 1 million Euros, and the transaction is concluded in full payment system.

“I liked to achieve excellence in everything I do, in all the projects I get involved in and that’s how I came to develop Savana, the most important premium paint brand in Romania. I saw the Oxygen Home project as being a new standard in terms of excellence in the field of residential luxury, which determined me to purchase a villa in this development “, explains Daniel Guzu. The businessman is known for transactions such as the recent sale of the Duraziv group to Saint Gobain or the Guzu Chim transaction to the Oresa fund.

Oxygen Home project is being certified by the Romanian Green Building Council (RoGBC). Following the initial pre-assessment, RoGBC representatives confirmed that the technical solutions implemented within the project comply with the rigorous requirements of GREEN Homes certification, Excellent level.

Oxygen Home is a boutique residential project, totaling 12 luxury villas to be developed in several phases until the summer of 2022, following an investment of 10 million Euros. The first three units will be delivered this fall.

The project stands out through a series of facilities such as:

  • geothermal heat pumps heating and cooling system that reduces costs to zero, using a clean, renewable and free energy source.
  • unique smart-home solution on the Romanian market that interconnects the lighting system for the yard and interior, access to the house based on AI through facial recognition, reinforcement systems, air conditioning, irrigation, entertainment and jacuzzi. Electrically operated glass curtains, drapes and glazed surfaces give the feeling of a home of the future, which literally understands the needs of the owners, through scenarios that are also personalized.
  • The ultra-slim design of the Hi-Finity sliding door creates large transparent surfaces, with a light, sleek and elegant appearance. This fully transparent and accessible sliding door seamlessly extends the house’s interior to the outside
  • electric charging stations in each garage.
  • heat recuperators and air purification system.
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