The Sylnishi App: Where Ukrainian refugees can find immediate help in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries

Ukraine Global Taskforce (UGT), an international non-governmental organisation based in Switzerland, is using technological solutions to minimise the impact of the war on Ukrainians. UGT’s set of solutions covers both civilians trapped into conflict areas as well as refugees.

UGT’s Central Hub for General Information called “Sylnishi” (“stronger” in Ukrainian), launched today, on 25 April 2022, and is ready for immediate use.

This web app targets specifically refugees in Ukraine’s neighbouring countries, such as Moldova, Hungary, Poland and Romania, which have been receiving a large influx of incoming refugees.

In a single place, refugees can now find reliable information on housing, job boards, healthcare, education, language classes and more.

The app also includes an “SOS app” that addresses the dangers refugees may face in their host countries. Unfortunately, especially women and children are subject to violence when staying in private accommodations and going to the local police can be difficult due to considerable language barriers.

The SOS function was developed to overcome these barriers and save valuable time. Refugees only need to provide their name, phone number, type of help needed (police or ambulance) and share their location. These requests are received around the clock and the relevant authorities are informed immediately.

“Our main focus is on the current situation of Ukrainian war refugees, but we do not discriminate against anyone based on their origin. That is why the app is available not only in Ukrainian, but also in English. In the future, we will continue to expand the available languages and accessible countries so that refugees – no matter what country they come from – have a safe access to help,” says Gustavo Iwanaga, the founder of UGT.

Please share the app with Ukrainian citizens and organisations focusing on refugees to ensure that people in need can get help as quickly as possible.

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