Three seminfinalists from Romania at the Technovation Girls

The female students from Romania are changing the world with the help of technology at the sixth edition of the Technovation Girls competition, organized by Adfaber, with the support of BCR.
The Adfaber Association announces the remarkable senior teams that have emerged as winners in the sixth edition of the Technovation Girls competition, organized in Romania with the support of BCR as the National Partner. 615 girls from Romania, guided by mentors and organizers, have developed innovative applications that address critical issues in society, showcasing their commitment to creating positive changes through technology. Globally, in this edition, there were over 2,100 registrations in the international Technovation Girls competition from over 60 countries, making this year having the biggest participation in the history of the program.

The efforts and achievements of the students were celebrated and rewarded at the Regional Pitch Technovation Girls event in Bucharest, where five teams had the opportunity to present their final projects: innovative mobile applications with real social impact.

How do girls change the world for the better with the help of technology?
Digital Armie, Debuggers, and Big Brain++ are the three semifinalist teams moving forward to the global judging stage.

The Digital Armie team has created an application that connects associations with donors and volunteers. Angel’s Road is a transformative platform that bridges the gap between NGOs and potential donors or volunteers. This user-friendly application simplifies the process of investing resources, making it easier for individuals to have a positive impact in their communities. Angel’s Road presents users with a wide range of NGOs and their causes, giving them the opportunity to choose the initiatives they are most passionate about.

The Debuggers team has developed the UHelp application, a product that aids Ukrainian refugees in Romania. With an intuitive map-based interface, the application helps refugees adapt to their new environment by providing access to essential resources and services. The students, who attend different high schools, met during the competition and together built a project that supports a current issue: the war in Ukraine.

The Big Brain++ team presented the RecoverEats application, a digital product for the treatment and recovery of eating disorders. With features such as meal logging, emotion tracking, progress monitoring, and connections with clinicians, RecoverEats revolutionizes how individuals face and recover from eating disorders.

In addition to the winners, two other teams received honorable mentions for their efforts in the competition:
Femmpower with the Defensely application, which teaches young women basic self-defense techniques and how to react in harassment situations. Defensely aims to increase awareness of the challenges women face and encourages girls to learn, grow, and respond against injustices.

Technogrills with the Rambex application, which is designed to address the global issue of overpackaging. By raising awareness among end-users about wasteful packaging practices, the application serves as a platform that encourages a community-led movement toward sustainable packaging practices.

Why is Technovation Girls an important program for female students in Romania?
In a constantly changing world, Technovation Girls opens the door to exceptional opportunities for girls in Romania, helping them become leaders of the future and express their imagination and creativity in service of a noble purpose. By participating in this program, they have the chance to develop personally and actively contribute to solving various issues in their community, such as environmental protection, health
promotion, educational improvement, and support for equality.
Technovation Girls is a global entrepreneurship and technology program for girls aged 8 to 18, providing unique resources in the educational perspective of Romania.

After the national stage, the senior teams from Romania will enter the global judging phase. Fifteen finalist teams from around the world will have the opportunity to present their ideas at the Technovation Girls World Summit, which will take place in October 2023 in San Francisco.
Support the community of girls who are changing the world with the help of technology and follow their story.

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