TMK Hydroenergy Power has started work on the new hydroelectric power plant in Caras Severin county

TMK Hydroenergy Power has started work on the new hydroelectric power plant in Caras Severin county, on the bottom drain of Valiug dam, with financing within the Energy in Romania Programme through the EEA and Norway financial mechanisms, 2014-2021. The excavation works started at the end of April this year, to build the access road for equipment and materials.

The new hydroelectric power plant will provide about 2,500 MWh of green energy production annually and will add about 80,417 GWh to the actual production achieved by the hydroelectric power system from Caras Severin, owned by CEZ.

The implementation of the project runs from 01.09.2020 to 31.12.2022 and involves an own investment of almost 700,000 euros.

For this, CEZ accessed and received non-reimbursable funding of approximately 44.7% (300,000 Euro) of the total investment value.

The purpose of the investment is the production of green (non-polluting) electricity by using the hydropower potential of the river Bârzava with beneficial consequences on the environment, achieving the following results:

  • responsible management of fossil energy resources by harnessing viable renewable resources for electricity generation;
  • decreasing greenhouse gas emissions to reduce global warming through the use of renewable energy.

Investment objectives:

  1. a) Estimated annual reduction in CO2 emissions (measured in tonnes CO2eq./year): 770 tonnes CO2 equivalent/year;
  2. b) Estimated number of jobs created: 1 new job;
  3. c) Energy produced from hydropower sources (in MWh/year): 2,453 MWh/year.
  4. d) Number of new or refurbished hydropower plants: 1 new plant;
  5. e) Installed capacity for hydropower generation (in MW): 0.367 MW.

Green energy producer – TMK Hydroenergy Power continues to invest in the hydropower system in Caras Severin in order to contribute to the well-being of the local community in which it operates, but also to help Romania achieve its green energy targets.

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