TOKERO attracts an international expert to the team

Benjamin Rameau, former Director of Binance Labs.

TOKERO, the local crypto exchange market leader attracts an international star in this industry, Benjamin Rameau, the former Director of the Binance Labs division. Benjamin Rameau will join TOKERO as Business Advisor, having led the division of Binance – the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform – that incubates, invests and supports blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

Benjamin Rameau worked at Binance from 2018 to 2020 where he held the position of Binance Labs Director. Although his recent work has been mainly in the crypto industry, Benjamin has established expertise in the financial-banking sector, having previously worked as a Director and Vice President at BNP Paribas and Deutsche Bank in Japan. Benjamin graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2004 with a Bachelor of Commerce and is fluent in Japanese, French and English.

“I recently moved to Bucharest, I interacted well with the local crypto ecosystem; there is effervescence and a lot of potential. The same can be claimed for TOKERO which can scale considerably with the necessary resources. My role in working with TOKERO is to facilitate access to these resources. I am very interested in developing both the exchange and the launchpad area,” said Benjamin Rameau.

The appointment of Benjamin Rameau as Advisor at TOKERO is an important step for the development of the TOKERO platform both locally and internationally, and further proof that many seniors in the classical banking industry are actively involved in defining the international framework and developing the crypto industry.

“I met Benjamin through my colleague in the Tech Angels investment community, Stefano D’Amiano, former Managing Director at Bank of America, a person whom I would like to thank. He introduced us, then we invited Benjamin to our office, where we extensively discussed our growth plans. We instantly realized we both spoke the same language and decided to work together. We are working hard until the end of the year and more exciting names and announcements will be announced soon”, declared Marius Morra, CEO and Co-Founder of TOKERO.

Benjamin Rameau has also been very active in Hong Kong’s crypto community scene, being the founder of the Hong Kong EOS.IO Meetup and Hong Kong ICO Meetup.

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