Top Positions Employers Struggle to Find Candidates For

Specialists continue to be the most difficult candidate category to recruit, particularly in fields such as construction, finance – accounting or manufacturing, where employers generally face a talent shortage. The more niche the level of specialization, the longer the time required to find the right candidates, so that for some positions it can take up to 5 months to close a recruitment process.
“Starting last year, we noticed a growing demand for construction specialists, engineers with experience in infrastructure projects, installations or civil construction. At the same time, specialists with a sales profile (sales representative, area sales representative / manager, account manager, regional sales manager, key account manager), those from finance – accounting (accountant / economist, financial analyst, financial controller), but also specialists from the production area (process engineer, automation engineer, mechanical engineer, electronic engineer, etc.) remain in the top of the most sought after candidates. In certain segments, even this year, companies’ demand is higher than what the market offers, hence the difficulty in identifying and attracting targeted candidates for open positions in the company”, says Olivia David, Recruitment Manager at Skilld, the recruitment agency recruitment of eJobs Romania, specialized in recruitment projects for white collar positions (roles that require higher education) and gold collar (highly qualified professionals in highly sought-after fields).
From the beginning of the year until now, more than 40,000 jobs for graduates with higher education have been posted on Almost 30% of these addressed retail specialists. The next areas with the most jobs for candidates in the white collar segment are services, call center / BPO, finance – banking, construction and IT / telecom. The 40,000 jobs for those with higher education are added to another 20,000 for students in the process of completing higher education.
According to data from Salario, the eJobs brand salary comparator, the national average net salary for employees occupying specialist positions is 5,000 lei. This level reflects the monthly net average, for all fields of activity and all counties in Romania.
With 500,000 applications registered since the beginning of the year so far, specialists with a seniority level of more than 5 years are second to last in the ranking of the most active candidates, ahead of those in the 45+ age segment.
“We are talking, in most cases, about passive candidates. In other words, they already have a job that meets many of the criteria that are important to them and are not necessarily eager to change. In other words, they don’t apply, they’re not always up to date with market opportunities, and they’re pretty hard to convince to make a career move. For such positions, employers have to resort to a more complex recruitment strategy than in the case of entry level jobs. That’s why in our portfolio, in addition to traditional recruitment, we have added executive search, career transition and outplacement services (service offered to employees affected by layoffs and staff reductions) or candidate assessment centers,” explains Olivia David.
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