Top Seeds to list on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange

Top Seeds, a Romanian entrepreneurial company specialized in providing integrated solutions in agriculture, announces its intention to float on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). The company targets to list its shares on BVB, most probably under the ticker symbol TOP, in the first part of 2022. Before listing, Top Seeds will carry out a private placement, brokered by TradeVille. The company intends to raise from investors, within a capital increase, at least 11 million lei to accelerate the expansion of the company’s activities at the national level.

During the 11 years of existence, we have experienced a strategic and accelerated development thanks to the concluded partnerships and the ability to provide advisory services to farmers throughout the agricultural year. Through the technical expertise provided, we managed to capitalize on farmers’ harvests at competitive prices and become an important player in Romania’s agricultural business. Today, Top Seeds has partnerships with major seeds, pesticides, diesel and fertilizers suppliers, a wide range of agricultural products for farmers, including its plant protection products, and it is present in all major agricultural areas of the country. However, we want to continue growing, developing new services and quality products for farmers, and expanding our network of partnerships and client’s portfolio. Thus, we want to develop a partnership with investors from the Bucharest Stock Exchange by listing the company, and with their support to take Top Seeds to the next level,” stated Daniel Baja, founder, and CEO of Top Seeds.

Top Seeds was founded in 2010 by the Romanian entrepreneur Daniel Baja to sell and distribute seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, and diesel for farmers. Eleven years later, the company provides a wide range of services to farmers, such as chemical fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products, and plant nutrition, which are intended for BIO farms, grain trading and storage, fuel and transportation. Top Seeds has over 130 employees, a portfolio of over 2,000 clients with a total cultivated land of ​​approximately 800,000 hectares, and multi-role workstations that provide complete logistics solutions for farmers. In each of these areas, there is a warehouse that logistically serves the respective territory: Timisoara, Alexandria, Slobozia, Bacau, Viziru, Braila County, and storage and operation base in Baraganul, Braila county.

In terms of grain trading, Top Seeds holds two bases exclusively for grains in Braila County, respectively Baraganul and Viziru, which serve the needs of farmers in real-time, being one of the leaders in the South-Eastern part of the country. At the same time, as a result of the grain trading activity, the company identified a need related to transport and decided to invest in creating a car fleet that would support the critical moments of the transport seasons. Today, the company has a necessary car and logistics fleet that can manage a capacity of 1,000 tons per day and aims to triple its capacity, respectively, to handle 3,000 tons per day.

The capital raised in the private placement will contribute to continuing the company’s development projects at the national level. In terms of seed sales, the company plans to invest in certified seed production and processing line under its brand based on the accumulated expertise and the purchase of a farm that will ensure the flow of its seed production and the testing of the products from its portfolio.

For the grain trading business line, the company will invest in the development of grain storage capacity by purchasing storage silos strategically located in the Western part of Romania and the area of Moldova. Top Seeds will carry out another investment on land owned by the company, which has direct access to the railway and will allow the sale of grain to foreign markets. The company aims to reach about 300,000 tons of storage capacity by 2025, a fivefold increase in current capacity, and thus become one of the most significant players in the market.

In 2020, Top Seeds recorded a turnover of 177.7 million lei and a net profit of 7.3 million lei. For 2021, the company estimates sales revenues of over 230 million lei, up by over 25%, and a net profit of about 8 million lei, up by over 10%, compared to 2020.

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