Tourism employers to sue Gov’t if restaurants and hotels are not opening from June 15

Tourism employers want to sue the Government for undermining the national economy if the restaurants and hotels are not opening as of June 15, the Federation of the Romanian Tourism Employers (FTPR) announced.
The federation said that starting June 15 over 500,000 Romanians have already booked accommodation and meals included, which will not be delivered under the current conditions.
The tourism employers argued that President Iohannis had announced the re-opening of malls, but mentioned nothing about “the long-awaited re-opening of hotels and restaurants.
“Even if with a delay of two weeks of re-opening of the restaurants in the hotels will be disadvantaged compared to other countries in the region that have already lifted restrictions. The delay will put to bankruptcy more then two thirds of the hotels in the country”, says FTPR.
The tourism employers also said that the “perspective that the restaurants from the hotels could not re-open as of June 15 in the middle of the summer season and after three months of recess has shocked the entire tourism industry in Romania”.
“There are over 500,000 people who have already bought stays in Romania as of June 15, which included accommodation and meals, which cannot be provided under the current circumstances. Many of the hotels in the cities, seaside or mountain resorts have no terraces to provided services for all the accommodated tourists and they will not be able to function. If restaurants do not open on June 15 we estimate that over 70% of the hotels in Romania will go bankrupt“, FTPR argues.
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