Transelectrica Inaugurates 400 kV High-Voltage Power Line: Iron Gates-Resita

The Transelectrica SA National Electric Energy Transport Company inaugurated last night, through a ceremony organized in the Portile de Fier/Iron Gates Power Station, the 400 kV Overhead Electric Line Portile de Fier – (Anina) – Reșita, according to a press release.

The investment project had a total value of 150 million lei, from own funds, the works being executed by the ELECTROMONTAJ S.A. Association. BUCURESTI – ROMELECTRO S.A., with subcontractors: EMFOR MONTAJ SA, SC ELECTROMONTAJ SA Sibiu and SC ELECTROMONTAJ SA Cluj, with the contribution of the consultant GOPA – International Energy Consultants GmbH ROENG T.E.C. The design of the line was carried out by the Bucharest Institute of Energy Studies and Design.

OverheadPower Line 400 kV Portile de Fier – (Anina) – Reșita is an essential project for closing Romania’s 400 kV ring in the western area, being one of the most complex, from a technical point of view, and difficult projects carried out in the energy infrastructure from Romania, in the last 30 years, Transelectrica shows.

Its route mostly crosses a mountainous area, with rugged and difficult terrain. The technical complexity and challenges that the project teams, both of the builders and of Transelectrica, encountered in the process of executing the works reflect the extraordinary effort of the specialists who contributed to the completion of this line, the company also says.

The construction of this overhead power line represents a historic moment for Romania in terms of energy infrastructure development. We are talking about 117 kilometers of new and partially rehabilitated energy infrastructure. This project is not only a remarkable technical achievement, but also firm proof that our commitment to innovation and sustainability is permanent. The completion of the most complex project in the last 30 years on the energy infrastructure side represents for Romania a symbol of perseverance in the face of technical challenges and an example of close collaboration between the public and private sectors. Behind this important achievement are endless hours of work, research and innovation. It is the result of a dedicated team of engineers and specialists who put their expertise to bring this project to life. It is an important step towards a sustainable future and will increase the ability to connect to the grid for new electricity consumers who want to develop their activities in this area”, said Mircea Abrudean, Secretary General of the Government.
In his turn, Ștefăniță Munteanu, President of the Transelectrica Directorate, said: “The investment we are inaugurating today is just one of those to be completed in the coming years to strengthen energy security in the western part of the country, and here we are talking about the entire Banat Axis, from Reșita, Timișoara to Săcălaz and Arad, which will thus close the 400 kV main line in the west of the country. The benefits of these investments are huge both for Romania’s energy security and for the economic development of the area and local communities. Transelectrica’s commitment to investments remains firm and in the sense of the mission we have to fulfill, that of guaranteeing the operational safety of the National Electric Power System. At this time, the network development plan approved for the period 2022-2031 has a value of 1.4 billion euros, of which approximately half a billion euros are financing from European funds: the Modernization Fund and REPowerEU”.
The new Overhead Electric Line 400 kV Portile de Fier – (Anina) – Reșita has a total length of 117 kilometers that crosses the territory of 13 administrative-territorial units from two counties (Mehedinți and Caraş-Severin) and is made up of two sections: a construction new with 259 poles (the Portile de Fier – Anina section) with a length of 81 kilometers (19.5 kilometers on the territory of Mehedinți county and 61.5 kilometers on the territory of Caraș-Severin county), and the modernization of an existing line of 120 poles (Anina – Reșita section), with a length of 36 kilometers, entirely on the territory of Caraș-Severin county.
Impressive amounts of materials were used to build this line: 3,732 cubic meters of concrete and 267 tons of reinforcement were needed to build the foundations, and the RODELTA poles weigh over 3,500 tons of steel. A total length of conductor with increased capacity (on the Anina-Reșita section) of 225.8 kilometers was installed, and for the new line section, the total length of the installed conductor reached 748 kilometers.
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