Urban mobility startup launches customized bikes service for companies, hotels, real estate developers

Hotbikes, an urban mobility startup, announces the launch of a new service that offers companies the opportunity to create visibility by promoting an active lifestyle and alternative means of transport. Hotbikes has introduced urban bikes that can be customized with unique logos or messages. Bike Your Business is aimed at companies, hotels, real estate developers, branding and PR agencies, universities and university campuses and involves the purchase of a fleet of at least 3 bicycles for commuting around the city.

Cycling has become more and more popular in recent years in Romania, a habit fueled by the pandemic and preserved to a certain extent by the inhabitants of big cities even after the restrictions were lifted. Numerous medical studies have shown that using a bicycle regularly contributes to improving cardiovascular health, muscle development, coordination and general mobility, but also to improving mental health by reducing stress and stimulating endorphins. Added to these benefits is the orientation towards well-being, both on a personal level and as a policy actively adopted by companies in light of the events in the last years. According to recent studies, cycling contributes to high levels of serotonin, which makes employees happier and more productive.

“The new Bike Your Business service supports companies that want to promote themselves in a new way, associating their brand with a sustainable green mobility movement that has swept Europe in recent years. The service is tailor-made, that is, we discuss with each business their needs and ideas, we propose concepts and we work with companies to choose the most suitable ones according to the budget and the specifics of the brand. I think it’s an excellent way to promote a brand, a campaign or a message, adopting an attitude based on sustainable values”, said Cristian Moldoveanu, founder of Hotbikes.

For employers, the Bike Your Business service represents an extra-salary benefit granted either by offering bicycles as compensation or by making available a fleet of bicycles that can be used by employees at any time.

The new Hotbikes service also helps hotels promote their business by offering tourists customized bikes for city tours or traffic-free travel. Bike Your Business also supports creative businesses, including advertising and PR agencies, offering them a unique, green, sustainable way to promote a campaign, brand or message.

Hotbikes collaborates with the most important bicycle manufacturers and distributors in Romania and Europe, offering companies a wide range of bicycle models that can be customized in many ways.

“The personalization of bicycles is done both through messages and logos applied to their frame or basket, but also through the color of the wheels or the entire bicycle, so that the brand’s message is as visible and easy to remember as possible. We can also provide customers with customized helmets or other specific cycling accessories – water bottles, bike bags, caps, cycling equipment, etc. We thus encourage the use of the bicycle in a utilitarian way, not only recreationally and on weekends, being a cheap means of transport and which can contribute to the real reduction of traffic in the country’s big cities, an increasingly large problem”, stated Cristian Moldoveanu.


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