US biopharmaceutical company plans USD 6m IT investment in Romania by end-2016

World biotechnology and personlized therapies leader company Amgen, based in USA, is present on the Romanian market for 5 years, with over USD 40 m turnover in 2014, mainly offering targeted therapies in oncology, osteoporosis, rare diseases and cardiology. According to the company’s press release, „over 1,500 Romanian patients benefited for free of the Amgen therapies”, while the company is hoping the state health budget will increase to enable new therapies being included on the reimbursable drug list.

Yet the company’s presence on the domestic market has been enhanced starting last year by relocating in Romania most part if the division in charge of monitoring, diagnosing and defense against cyber attacks, comprised in a Security Operation Center.

Gábor Sztaniszláv (photo), Amgen Romania general manager told a press conference on Thursday about this new investment. „We estimate the investment on this division will mount to USD 6m by the end of 2016. At the present moment, this division has 40 employees and we intend a 25 percent staff rise also by the end of next year. We chose to invest in IT, as it is one of the most stable and predictable sectors in Romania, where investments are encouraged. Another determining factor was the fact that Romanians are famous for their performance in this field,” Gábor Sztaniszláv said.

As for the medical division, Amgen is investing a quarter of the turnover worldwide for developing innovative and biosimilar drugs every year.

„Last year, Amgen has invested USD 5 bl in the research and development of new products. We are currently developing 40 biological therapies and six biosimilar products. Among them, there are two molecules for treating cancer –one for the melignant melanoma cure and one for the multimple mielom cure are in the final clinical stage. We are also preparing to launch two new products for treating cardiovascular diseases,” Amgen Romania general manager also said.

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