Vestra invests EUR 180,000 in the ThinkOut cash flow analysis and planning platform

Vestra, the first cluster specializing in the utilities and industrial automation industry, has invested 180,000 euros in the cash flow analysis and planning platform, ThinkOut, which provides support to companies in managing and monitoring capital flow, by providing them giving with an overview1  c on their own finances.

Vestra’s decision to invest in the ThinkOut platform was primarily based on the digitization and automation of processes within small and medium-sized companies, in order to develop the fintech Open Banking field at a fast pace.

“Our principles are customer-centered, and our focus is primarily on the consumers; demands. We are pleased to announce the investment in the ThinkOut platform and, at the same time, to contribute to the expansion of the product on the Central-Eastern European market by relying on small companies or users who have a larger customer portfolio. This investment, an example of a “Win-Win” partnership, demonstrates that when there is vision and determination, there is no obstacle to achieving a performance-oriented partnership between a start-up and a cluster specialized in industry, familiar with the latest technologies and models of process automation”, says Vlad Iftime, Managing Partner Vestra.

Iftime also said that they expect to identify a positive impact of the platform on the European market and that they look at ThinkOut as a Romanian business connected to the economy of Central and Eastern Europe. “We also rely on consolidating partnerships in Romania, Hungary and Poland,” the Managing Partner of Vestra added.

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