Veterinary telemedicine provider, PawSquad, founded by a Romanian, acquired by IVC Evidensia

Veterinary telemedicine provider, PawSquad, has joined the European Veterinary Group IVC
Evidensia. PawSquad, founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs Diwaker Singh and Radu Georgescu,
pioneered online veterinary consultations by video and live text chat in the U.K. IVC Evidensia is
Europe’s leading veterinary healthcare provider operating in 12 countries. PawSquad will continue to
operate as an autonomous entity within the IVC group.
PawSquad CEO, Dr Mark Boddy, himself a veterinary surgeon, has welcomed the acquisition, “Our
network of experienced veterinarians has already helped many thousands of pets in the UK, providing
medical advice, emergency triage and preventive health plans. Being part of IVC will allow us to help
even more pets and to continue to work positively and collaboratively with the veterinary profession,
as well as expand geographically.”
Stuart Caton, Chief Commercial Officer at IVC Evidensia comments, “Telemedicine will support the
efforts of the group to make high quality veterinary care more accessible to pet owners, lowering the
barriers to engagement with the veterinary profession. It’s an excellent acquisition that will further
complement the group as pet services grow and evolve in the future. We are delighted the entire
PawSquad team will continue with the business supporting their corporate and private clients as
The accessibility of the PawSquad service encourages pet owners to seek professional advice earlier
and more frequently, with around half of all queries being referred for necessary in-clinic follow-up
and otherwise providing much valued reassurance and peace of mind. This approach is particularly
appreciated by cat owners or those with nervous dogs, where the stress of a clinic visit can sometimes
result in those pets missing out on veterinary care – the PDSA PAWS report 20201 identified that failure
of owners to access veterinary care when required was one of vets’ top three healthcare concerns for
PawSquad Chairman and Founder, Diwaker Singh says, “We are pet lovers and launched PawSquad
with the objective of making sure that pet owners have instant 24/7 access to quality pet care,
accessible from their homes. Towards this end, PawSquad is a great success. The service has grown
significantly, confirming there is a clear need for this service. IVC Evidensia’s extensive network will
help the business strengthen and grow to even greater heights.”
PawSquad’s corporate customers and partners include several leading companies in the pet care
industry such as Direct Line Insurance and veterinary charities Blue Cross and the PDSA.
Chloe Couper from Direct Line Pet Insurance said: “Our partnership with PawSquad is incredibly
valuable to our customers and over the course of the last year it has proved even more beneficial with
veterinary practices closed during the first lockdown and people isolating at home. Being concerned about your pet’s health can be a very stressful time but PawSquad allows us to offer owners advice
and peace of mind when they need us most. We look forward to continuing to work with PawSquad
and providing remote consultations for thousands of owners across the UK.”
PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity providing free and low-cost treatment to pets in need.
According to Richard Hooker, Director of Veterinary Services at PDSA, “PawSquad has been an
invaluable addition to the services we provide through our 48 hospitals across the UK, taking
considerable pressure off our out-of-hours emergency provision, especially during the coronavirus
pandemic, and enabling us to streamline our service to benefit even more pets in need”
Dr Boddy notes that for pet owners and PawSquad’s corporate customers, it will be business as usual
post acquisition, “We will continue to provide pet care advice and serve the needs of pet owners
regardless of the vet practice they currently visit – the service is open to all and available 24/7 with no
prior appointment necessary. Whether it’s a general pet care question, a specific medical concern or
an out of hours emergency, we’re always here for pets and those who care for them.”

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