Vienna’s Wiener Privatklinik and Nord Provita Medical Group Forge Strategic Partnership

Wiener Privatklinik Hospital from Austria has started a strategic partnership with Nord Medical Group (formerly Provita) to support the health of Romanian patients. The two medical institutions combine their know-how and team expertise to provide patients with quick and easy access to comprehensive medical solutions (diagnosis, treatment, and after-care) at the highest standards.

The partnership between WPK Hospital and Nord Group brings several facilities to Romanian patients, aimed at increasing the quality of medical care and simplifying their medical journey. Patients have at their disposal the services of a case manager, a specialist who will help them easily identify and access the right medical solutions and specialists, whether in Romania or Vienna.

“We are delighted to initiate this collaboration with North Group and the team led by Ovidiu Palea. We have found here a team with an energy that aligns perfectly with our values: professionalism, dedication, and commitment to patients. This partnership is an important step we are taking to strengthen our support services in Romania. We aim to bring the expertise of the best specialists closer to patients to meet their medical needs as efficiently as possible”, said Thomas Peter Ebm, Managing Director, Wiener Privatklinik.

Those seeking a second medical opinion regarding their diagnosis or treatment plan can receive consultations (online or in person) with internationally renowned experts in their respective specialties, who collaborate with WPK Hospital. This year, 18 physicians affiliated with WPK were ranked in the top 2% of the world’s scientists by Stanford University.

Additionally, Romanian patients in need of treatments unavailable in the country for their specific conditions can access the most advanced and effective medical solutions promptly at the hospital in Vienna. An example includes cutting-edge therapies for cancer conditions, such as immunotherapy and personalized targeted therapies. These treatments are accessible at WPK Central European Academy Cancer Center, the most modern cancer center in Central and Eastern Europe.

After discharge, patients can undergo post-treatment follow-ups in Romania, benefiting from medical care closer to home, provided by the North Hospital team in remote collaboration with WPK specialists.

“WPK Hospital’s expertise, innovation, and medical tradition have served as benchmarks in defining our medical protocols. Therefore, this partnership not only raises our standards but also underscores our commitment to providing the highest quality medical care. The international collaboration gives patients the benefit of accessing modern treatments and expertise from specialists abroad when needed, as well as receiving ongoing post-treatment care closer to home. We are happy to provide our patients with this integrated healthcare solution, alongside the esteemed team at WPK, ensuring the most efficient care for their health”, said Dr. Ovidiu Palea, founder of Nord Group.

WPK Hospital records over 12,000 admissions annually, with approximately 40% being international patients from more than 20 countries, predominantly from Central and Eastern Europe. Romania is the country where most international patients come from, accounting for 30% of the total.

More than half of these patients seek cancer treatment at the hospital. Following closely are complex surgical procedures, particularly in the fields of orthopedics-traumatology, general surgery, reconstructive and peripheral nerve surgery, as well as pediatric surgery. Other medical services in demand are second opinion consultations and personalized medical check-up packages.

The hospital offers medical services in more than 30 specialties, with 10 competence centers and more than 300 collaborating doctors. Those unable to travel to Vienna can schedule online consultations with Austrian experts in the virtual clinic WPK Online Healthcare Center.

In Romania, Wiener Privatklinik has 2 representative offices, located in Bucharest and Timișoara.

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