Wages in Romania reach historical record last year, Eurostat says

Romanian employees have obtained total salary incomes of EUR 57.35 billion in 2016, which is an absolute value record level, according to Eurostat latest statistics. Yet, the added value in the economy that comes to the wage earners is way below the level of 2008 and is significantly lower than the level of other EU countries.

The Eurostat statistics are also below those estimated by the National Prognosis Committee, which forecast that the Romanian employees’ wages would mount to EUR 59.3 billion in 2016.

Eurostat says that the total value of the Romanian employees’ pays has increased by 11.3% in 2016 from EUR 51.55 bln in 2015, in a historical record precedent from 2008, when the Romanian employees’ wages would sum up EUR 55.9 billion.

However, the added value in the Romanian economy that comes to the wage earners in 2016 is much behind the 2008 level. Therefore, the pays’ value mounted to 33.9% of GDP in 2016, compared to 32.3% of GDP in 2008.

In 2008, the Romanian employers have given to their employees 39.3% of GDP for wages.

Only two EU member states have allotted lower incomes to their employees in 2016: Ireland (31.3% out of GDP) and Greece (33.4% out of GDP).

On the opposite side, the employees from Denmark and France get over 52% out of GDP as salaries.

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