Where are the lowest and highest rents in Bucharest?

The cheapest rents recorded in the Capital are in the Berceni, Ghencea, Drumul Taberei and Giurgiului districts, while, at the opposite pole, the highest rates are in the Pipera, Aviatiei and Floreasca areas, according to the Bucharest Rent Barometer, according to the real estate platform, imobiliare.NET.

The biggest difference is in the case of four-room apartments, where the rent of a house in the Aviaţiei neighborhood is over 300% higher than a similar one in Drumul Taberei, according to the real estate platform’s specialists.

In the studio segment, the highest rents are recorded in the Pipera area, where the average price reaches 425 euros/month, followed by the neighborhoods of Aviaţiei (401 euros) and Floreasca (389 euros).

At the opposite pole, the most affordable rents for a studio apartment are in the south and west of Bucharest. Thus, in the Berceni area, the monthly rent is 292 euros, in Ghencea 280 euros, and the lowest price is in the Brâncoveanu area, 277 euros.

In the case of two-room apartments, the specialized analysis reveals that higher average rents are paid in the northern part of the Capital, in the Primăverii and Herăstrău neighborhoods, of 661 euros and 650 euros, respectively. Instead, lower rents are paid in the south of the city – in Berceni (368 euros), Rahova (360 euros), Ghencea (360 euros) and Giurgiului, where the rent drops to 348 euros/month.

The real estate barometer also shows that, in March of this year, the highest rents for a three-room apartment are recorded in the Herăstrău area (1,046 euros), then Floreasca (966 euros) and Aviatorilor (944 euros) . At the same time, the most affordable houses with three rooms, for rent, are found in the south of the city, but also in the east. In Pantelimon and Fundeni, the rent is approximately 440 euros/month, while Brâncoveanu and Giurgiului are the only areas where tenants can find housing for less than 400 euros/month (394 euros and 385 euros, respectively).

Also, for four-room apartments, the price differences are the biggest, given that the housing spaces of this type in the north of Bucharest are three times larger than those in the south and west. For example, the most expensive area to rent a four-room apartment is Aviaţiei, where the average monthly rent reaches 1,372 euros, but in Titan the price drops to 460 euros, and in Drumul Taberei, to 454 euros.

According to the cited source, the data analyzes several segments, such as year of construction, comfort (I or II), compartmentalization (detached or semi-detached) and interior features (furnished or unfurnished).

On the other side, studio apartment is rented in Bucharest, on average, for 328 euros/month, but the average rate drops to 255 euros for comfort II, while a new studio apartment, built after 2010, with luxury equipment , has an average rent of 357 euros/month. At the same time, for a two-room apartment, a Bucharest tenant pays, on average, 447 euros per month, but if it is comfort II, the rent drops to 359 euros/month.

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