Which are the most popular jobs in Romania?

The most searched positions – both as jobs and as reviews – on the Undelucram.ro platform are those in IT, retail, BPO, banking and in Human Resources, according to Undelucram.ro data, the largest online community of employees in Romania.

Thus, the most wanted positions on the platform and the average salaries obtained are:

  • Software developer: 7,400 lei (IT)
  • Retail specialist: 2,400 lei (Retail)
  • Call Center / Support specialist: 2,800 lei (BPO & Services)
  • Credit expert: 5,000 lei (Banking)
  • HR Specialist: 4,900 lei (Recruitment / Human Resources)

HR specialists can find out more details about salaries by using Salary Report, the new service launched by Undelucram.ro.

This is a material through which HR specialists can access market salary information for specific jobs. This document offers information about 400,000 salaries collected from Undelucram.ro users in the last 12 months and through an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. The report contains updated and accurate metrics such as average salaries, median salaries, quartiles and other metrics extracted.“When I launched Undelucram.ro, I started with the idea of ​​helping employees to make decisions about a certain job by providing information that they often do not find out at the job interview. Thus, by making more transparent the way the companies operate, we have become a very useful tool for employers as well, especially for human resources experts. Salary Report provides recent data about 400,000 salaries, but this document is the result of the 11 years of work that passed since the launch of Undelucram.ro”, says Costin Tudor, founder and CEO of Undelucram.ro

40% of HR experts believe that the companies they represent will increase the salaries by 5-10% this year

About 40% of HR specialists say that the companies they represent a plan to increase the salary of employees by the end of the year by about 5-10%. Around 32% said that employers want to increase the wages by 10-15%, according to a survey conducted by Undelucram.ro in April of this year.

About 15% of recruiters said that the employer would increase the salary by 5% this year. There are also luckier employees for whom the company will increase the salary by 15-25% (around 5 percent of employers), and 3.5% of the respondents rely on an increase of over 25%.

About 5% of HR specialists said that the company they represent would not increase their salary this year.

819 recruitment experts in IT&C, banking & financial services, retail, BPO & services, transport & logistics, industrial production, automotive, education, pharmacy, HoReCa, construction & real estate, and health responded to this survey.

The benefits most often offered by companies

The most common benefits are: meal vouchers (58%), performance bonuses (35%), flexible working or/and remote work (34%), training programs and professional certification cost coverage (22%), medical subscription (11%), various wellbeing activities – massage, psychotherapy, courses for different hobbies (11%), medical insurance (10%), subscription to online or offline library resources (8%), transport insurance (8%), several days off (6%), holiday bonuses (5%), private pension (4%).

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