Which are the top employers 2019?

According to Top Employers 2019 study, conducted based on reviews provided by the Romanian employees across the Romania-based companies on Undelucram.ro, this year comes with some surprises.

If in 2018 the first positions were filled by the IT&C companies and the big corporate firms, the top employers of 2019 were, with only one exception, companies that did not make it in the top ten last year.

Thus, the first three top employers this year in Romania are KRUK Romania, Nobel and 2Checkout.

Except for Nobel, KRUK Romania and 2Checkout are for the first time mentioned by the Romanian employees.

Microsoft Romania, which led the ranking last year, has dropped in 2019 to number 5.

Another surprise is Decathlon Romania, which ranked fourth this year, was not among the companies in the general top or category top last year.

The top ten also includes Jysk Romania, METRO SYSTEMS Romania, Cegeka Romania, NTT Data Romania, Oracle Romania.

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