Who has made the biggest capital increase in Romania last March?

Czech-based CEZ ranks first in the top of the largest capital increase carried out by foreign companies in Romania in March 2016, according to Trade Register data. The electricity producer pumped over EUR 300 million in two companies through which operates the largest wind park on land in Europe. More exactly, the Czechs increased the share capital of Ovidiu Development SRL with EUR158.45 million and that of Tomis Team SA with EUR 152.97 million.

CEZ bought the Fantanele-Cogealac wind park project from Continental Wind Partners LLC in August 2008, the investment amounting to EUR 1.1 billion. The Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm is situated in an area of 12 by 6 kilometres in the Romanian province of Dobrogea, only 17 kilometres from the shore of the Black Sea. The project consists of GE 2.5 XL wind turbines, each having a rated capacity of 2.5 MW.

In their turn, Spanish from EDP increased the share capital of EDP Renewables Romania with EUR 26.06 million, followed by Turks from Banvit, which increased the social capital of Banvit Foods SRL via a Dutch company by EUR18.3 million.

The capital increase is a consequence of the merger between Agra Food SRL and Banvit Foods Ltd., both companies being part of the Turkish group Banvit. Banvit is the largest meat processor in Turkey. The company started operations in Romania in 1999, with grains trading activities, but now is active on the livestock farming and grain production segment.

Premier Capital SRL, the new owner of McDonald’s franchise in Romania, made an infusion of EUR 17.4 million/ At the same time, Log Center Ploiesti SRL through its investors from Austria and Cyprus have pumped EUR 13.1 million each.

The other companies are: AEI Investments Industry – EUR 10.6 million, Pipera Business Park – EUR 10.3 million, Severin Shopping Center SRL – EUR 8 mlllion.


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