Yango, e-hailing international app, also available in Romania

Yango, a digital e-hailing/ridesharing application, which is already operational in 16 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, has launched in Romania today. Romania thus became the fifth EU state where the app is available, after Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

Yango is part of  Yandex group, one of the largest IT company in Europe.

The new app is providing high quality services and rides at very accessible prices. The rides ordered through this application starts from RON 5 by discount, including the car booking, a 3-km distance and a 7-minute ride.

For instance, a ride from Drumul Taberei to the Bucharest’s Old Centre costs RON 10, while a trip from Muncii Square to Pipera will cost around RON 11.5.  Yango customers will be able to reach Universitate Square from Otopeni/Henri Coanda Airport by roughly RON 35.

At present, the payment of the rides is available only by bank card registered in the application.

Unlike its competitors, Yango app is using its own map and navigation system, as well as a smart distribution of orders, based on Machine Learning technologies, which enables the significant cut of the net costs of the rides, so that users pay less money for a trip while drivers earn more.

Yango hasn’t got its own cars, but it’s working with local partners- transport companies.

A centre dedicated to drivers has been recently opened in Bucharest, where drivers can get acquainted with the application, attend training sessions and tests and can find answers to the questions on the new service or where they can just have some rest.

According to Andrei Voicu, Regional Manager Yango Romania and R. of Moldova, the new e-hailing app is coming with accessible prices on the market, which is their main competition advantage. “The company has developed cutting-edge technologies that are automatically controlling the car and the way to drive it, which will be also brought to Romania soon. We think our customers will appreciatedour unique tools, such as the ability to order a car for another person, such as a parent or a friend, or to book several cars from one single device/mobile at the same time, and many others”, Andrei Voicu said.

In his turn, Musheg Sahakian, Yango manager for Global Expansion said Yandex had launched 22 years ago as a web search engine and now it is an international group of companies providing 90 services, internationally renowned technologies on Big Data and Machine Learning, owning the largest data centre networks in Europe (over 100,000 servers).

Yandex is among the fewest companies in the world that are really using the autonomous self-driving car technology. Our autonomous cars have been already launched in several countries and we are anxious to launch these vehicles in Romania one day”, said Musheg Sahakian.

If the user introduces the destination location when ordering a car, the app will instantly calculate the precise price to pay for that ride. The price will remain the same during the trip even if the car is blocked in traffic or the driver needs to take a way around.

Also as a novelty, Yango allows users to review every ride and send suggestions or complaints to the non-stop support centre. Drivers with more better reviews will get more orders, while drivers receiving negative ratings will get fewer rides.

Yango is joining the local ridesharing market, competing with such companies as Uber, Bolt and Clever

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