Young persons, mostly men from Bucharest make online shopping using bank cards

Over 60 percent of the online transactions by bank card are performed by men, with more than half of them based in Bucharest, reveal statistics released by NETOPIA mobilPay, the leader of the online payments in Romania and one of the most important online pays processors on the local market.

About 62 pc of the online payments brokered by the company since the beginning of the year were performed by men, most of them (over 40pc) aged 25 to 34. NETOPIA also reveals that Bucharesters are still the most faithful users of online pays by bank card. Over 50 percent of the transactions since early 2015 are based in Bucharest.

Cluj-Napoca ranks second on online payments with 5 percent, Timisoara comes third with 4.9 pc, while Iasi, Constanta and Brasov have a 3 pc share each.

As far as the users’ age, most of them, about 46 pc are 25 to 34 years old. 22 pc are aged 35 to 45 and 17 pc are aged 18 to 24.

Seniors over 55 (4 pc) and over 65 (2 oc) are using their card for Internet shopping the least of all.

„The fact that youngsters aged 25-34 are the most avid online payers is somehow natural. It is the most fruitful age from the professional point of view, it has access to every information and has an alert rhythm where efficiency and speed are mandatory. We see that the young generation, even since school time, is already used to the online pay and they will adopt it naturally in a few years,” Antonio Eram, Fondator NETOPIA mobilPay CEO and founder told a press release.

What do the customers buy most on the Internet? The study says the shopping mainly targets tourism products and services, utilities, digital and IT&C services and products.

As far as „the golden minute” is concerned, most of Romanians prefer to make online shopping during the week, starting 9 a.m. to 12:00, or in the evening as of 7 p.m., after the work hours.

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