Youth takes the labor market by storm after passing the Baccalaureate

Almost two weeks after the end of the Baccalaureate exam, more and more young people are looking for a job, the number of applications for entry level jobs and those in the “inexperienced” category increasing by about 20% compared to previous months. In fact, employers have also launched a significant number of jobs aimed at those at the beginning of their careers – over 25,000 jobs for the inexperienced or those in the entry-level segment are currently available on , the largest online recruitment platform in Romania. Most were posted by companies operating in retail, services, food industry, tourism, transportation and call-center / BPO.

“Youngsters have always been sought after in the labor market, but there have been many years in which it has been difficult for employers to attract and retain them long-term within companies. If there was one good thing during this pandemic, it was the change in the way young people relate to the labor market. They understood that the ideal is not to postpone too much the moment of starting their career, to treat more responsibly the rigors that a job entails, to go to better prepared interviews and, in general, to be more serious when it comes to their professional lives. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that, immediately after finishing the Baccalaureate exam, high school graduates try their luck on the labor market, even if some of them want to work only during the summer, until they start college” , says Roxana Drăghici, Head of Sales at eJobs Romania.

The areas that attracted the most applications from these candidates were retail, call-center / BPO, services, IT / telecom and tourism / hospitality. These are traditionally the areas that young people go to the most easily because they allow a quick specialization at work, and some sectors, such as tourism, hospitality or call centers, also come with seasonal projects. , especially sought after by those who want to work only during the summer.

“The fact that we see, however, a fairly high percentage, above the average in the entire market of candidates, of those who apply for remote jobs, leads us to the conclusion that there are quite a few young people who want to be permanently employed and be able to continue work and autumn, in parallel with studies. If, in general, we are talking about a 12% percentage allocated to applications for remote jobs, in the case of those without experience, the percentage increases to 20% “, explains Roxana Drăghici.

According to Salario, the eJobs brand comparator, the average net salary of an entry level employee in Romania is 3,000 lei per month. Among the fields preferred by young people, the highest average net salaries are offered by IT employers (4,000 lei), telecom (3,500 lei), call-center / BPO (2,700 lei), tourism / hospitality (2,500 lei) and services (2,200 lei).

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