Hypocrite voters looking for honest president

The President. I saw in some online surveys, as well as in vox populi interviews that voters know what sort of President they want, what assets he/she must possess.

One of the most often mentioned is honesty. What a beautiful concept! But it is suitable rather for a sermon at the church or as topic for a philosophic essay. As for the politics, I find it kind of … absolute.

Voters. I’m referring to those people who chose to NEVER dig black money into the pocket of a doctor, in spite of the suffering and critical risks. I’m also referring to doctors who never accepted gifts or bribe from patients, in spite of the low wages, for a voice in their head constantly repeating the Hippocratic Oath prevents them from doing that. I’m referring to those parents who never pay private lessons for their kids, at the risk of jeopardizing their future, so that they shall not be bound to pay that money in an illegal way. I’m referring to those teachers who are teaching their students so exemplarily during classes at school that there is no more reason either for them to offer private classes or for the students to need any. I’m referring to those who never ask a friend: „by any chance, do you know somebody in the institution X, who might help me to solve something?” or who didn’t regret for not having a friend to whom he might ask him that.

It’s obvious! These voters don’t exist (unless as exception), but, sometimes, you need to emphasize the absurd in order to highlight it.  [I must confess I have chosen these examples being thrilled by the discussions and accusations related to the money that some candidate running for Presidency earned from giving private lessons.

And if these voters don’t exist, if they find impossible to respect the honesty concept in its absolute form, what moral right do they have to ask for honesty-related demands?! I think the first thing to do before evaluating the candidates is for the voters to look in the mirror. As leaders are ALWAYS the mirror of the society they end ruling. Be it frustration or vision, they all are reflecting on the rulers. I’m afraid if the voters get overwhelmed by frustrations – triggered by so many decades of corruption and dishonesty – they couldn’t have anything, but frustrations. And the campaign strategists, mass media and, unfortunately, I think only the last, the candidate – all of them will take advantage of this issue. Anyone can see this in the electoral topics (false topics, I would say). There are promises for raising the pensions, throwing the corrupt people (nominally) into the jail, building highways, hospitals and so on. In which Romanian laws are all these stipulated as being the President’s tasks? Perhaps it is, in the unwritten law of the hypocrite voter.

Instead, if they really believe they can be honest, they will definitely find the appropriate candidate to become the vector of their positive vision. Even if this ”perfect suitable” candidate did not exist among the others, he/she would surely become one.

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