12 Parties & Alliances, 4 Independent Candidates from Romania for EP elections

The Central Electoral Office published, on Monday, the list of final remaining candidates for the European Parliament elections. According to the decision of the BEC, 12 political parties and electoral alliances and 4 independents will participate in the European Parliament elections.

The candidacies submitted by the PSD PNL Electoral Alliance, the United Right Alliance USR-PMP-Forţa Dreptei, Socialist Romania, the AUR Alliance, the S.O.S. Party Romania, the Right Alternative Party, the Social Liberal Humanist Party, the Renew the European Project of Romania Party (REPER), the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania, the Greater Romania Party, the Patriots Party and the United Diaspora Party remain final.

Also, the independent candidacies of Pîrvănescu Paula-Marinela, Gheorghe Vlad-Dan, Ştefănuță Nicolae-Bogdănel and Şoşoacă Dumitru-Silvestru are on the final list.

A number of 15 political formations and electoral alliances and 7 independent candidates initially registered for the June 9 European Parliament elections. The candidacies submitted by the Free People’s Party, the New Romania Party, the Maniu-Mihalache National Peasant Party, as well as those of the independent candidates Jurma Paul-Octavian, Mustătea Ilie-Cătălin and Mîndru Petru were rejected.

The order of the ballots for the European Parliament elections

The Central Electoral Bureau announced on Monday that, following the drawing of lots, the order on the ballot papers of political parties, electoral and political alliances, the organization of citizens belonging to national minorities that submitted lists of candidates for the European Parliament elections and independent candidates.

According to a press release from the BEC, the Hungarian Democratic Union from Romania will be in the first position on the ballot.

The following places are:

  • position 2 – Electoral Alliance PSD PNL; 
  • position 3 – Party Renew the European Project of Romania;
  • position 4 – AUR Alliance; 
  • position 5 – Social Liberal Humanist Party;
  • position 6 – USR-PMP-Forta Dreptei United Right Alliance; 
  • position 7 – Socialist Romania;
  • position 8 – Greater Romania Party; 
  • position 9 – Patriots Party; 
  • position 10 – Right Alternative Party; 
  • position 11 – S.O.S. Party Romania;
  • position 12 – United Diaspora Party.
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