3rd day of Coalition crisis: PM asks USR-PLUS ministers to file their resignations if they proceed with the censure motion

PM Citu has asked USR-PLUS ministers to file their resignations if their party is going on with submitting the censure motion.
The National Liberal Party convened today has unanimously decided to endorse Florin Citu for the PM seat. with Citu and Ludovic Orban designated to represent the Liberals at the negotiations with the coalition partners, USR-PLUS and UDMR.
The former PNL chairman Ludovic Orban commented on Facebook earlier that he is the only one who can break the deadlock in the Coalition as he is the one who imposed the “Anghel Saligny” programme.
Before the PNL sitting, Florin Citu said that any solution must be discussed in the Coalition and not outside is. “To negotiate with PSD means to negotiate with the Romanians’ greatest enemy”, the PM said, referring to the possibility that PSD might endorse the USR-PLUS announced censure motion.
In his turn, UDMR leader, Kelemen Hunor, seems to be on PNL’s side. While in Cluj on Friday, he said that  there mentality gaps between the ruling partners, but that there is no alternative to that now or ever.
“This Ninja attitude on Facebook does not help us get out of the existing crisis. It must end, at least until the two parties, PNL and USR-PLUS, hold their congresses”, Kelemen stated.
On the other camp, USR PLUS seem set to table the censure motion. The leader of the USR PLUS deputies, Ionut Mosteanu announced today that the text of the motion of censure had been sent to the AUR leader, Georghe Simion and the document is almost concluded.

“All MPs are solidary (…) I sent a draft text to George Simion. We are ready to file the motion, I hope we will not be forced to“, he said.

On the other hand, USR PLUS co-chairman Dacian Ciolos invited the Liberal lawmakers who don’t agree with PM Florin Citu to sign the censure motion prepared by his party, announcing that the text will reach all parliamentary parties.
“I know that PNL cannot believe it, that we’ll going all the way. They underestimated us and they will bear the consequences (…) The USR PLUS censure motion exists and we’ll move on with it. Any interpretation that it would be a joint motion of USR PLUS with AUR is malevolent and it doesn’t intimidate us”, Ciolos posted on Facebook.
Ciolos also said that he had received numerous calls from PNL members, both from Citu’s camp and also from Orban’s camp, all asking USR PLUS not to go further with the censure motion. “I saw Citu’s statements trying to hold on to power. The reality is that he was sitting on a four-leg chair, with two legs broken by himself and with him wondering on what side he will fall down“, Ciolos said.
He added that “Florin Citu is a political mess, an incompetent politician who blew out everything and that who cannot be counted on. But, unlike PNL, we won’t hold him anymore. The only solution for PNL today is to convince Florin Citu to step down so that he should not embarass himself anymore”.
In his turn, Dan Barna asked for a face-to-face encounter with PM Citu within the expected coalition meeting on Friday evening, after the Government sitting, which USR PLUS is not attending.
USR PLUS is decided to ask PM Citu to step down. According to Barna, it would be “the elegant way” to solve the coalition crisis.
“I have already swallowed a frog once, when Vlad Voiculescu was dismissed from the Health ministry, I wouldn’t do it again”, Barna said. “When there are only frogs in the menu, you replace the chef”, he added, suggesting that USR PLUS would endorse another top Liberal, Ilie Bolojan, for the PM position.
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