Adrian Zuckerman’s appointment as U.S. ambassador to Romania, delayed over allegations of sexual harassment

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee has delayed to approve Adrian Zuckerman‘s appointment as U.S. ambassador to Romania, amid accusations of sexual harassment, according to the committee’s official document.

Senator Bob Menendez, member of the Senate Foreign Committee, announced on July 25 that the committee had Okayed 13 ambassadors proposed by the White House, but postponed the nomination of Adrian Zuckerman and of another nominee.

We have agreed to place thirteen nominees, including Kelly Craft, the nominee to be Ambassador to the United Nations on the agenda. I would note that while I do not support a number of nominees, we had completed their vetting process and I supported adding them to the agenda. 

However, for Mr. Zuckerman and Mr. Manchester, we still had outstanding requests related to allegations of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. I am glad that the Chairman agreed to withdraw them until the White House responds to my letters requesting that Diplomatic Security conduct additional vetting. If the White House responds to my letters requesting additional vetting, both of those nominees will be cleared for a business meeting in early September,” Menendez announced.

In 2008, Adrian Zuckerman was sued for sexual harassment by his secretary, Jamie Ferrauiola, from the Lowenstein Sandler law firm where Zuckerman was partner, according to

Nominees for the positions that needs Senate’s approval are double checked, a procedure which comprises an ethic review and a through examination of the candidate’s past. According to the lawyer quoted by Law Journal, “allegations of sexual harassment can prompt to Zuckerman’s being disqualified from the nomination procedure, however the allegations against him are not considered true“.

Adrian Zuckerman was born in Romania and emigrated to the United States with his family, when he was 10.

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