‘AKM MP’ Catalin Radulescu – without political support

The Pitesti branch of PSD has decided, Thursday evening, to withdraw the political support for Deputy Catalin Radulescu. The decision was made by the Executive Committee of the Pitesti branch.

Social-democrat Arges leader, Serban Valeca, said that the Pitesti organisation decided to withdraw the political support to Deputy Catalin Radulescu, named the AKM MP by the media. The reaction comes after being recommended to take a tough stance, while Radulescu was criticised for non-observing the party statute.

“The delegates to the congress asked me what is happening here, in Arges. I was recommended to be tough. The county executive committee voted the vice-chairman position. Only I and he ran for the office. I was voted by all the party members, he had one vote – mine. Then he ran at the congress for this position, directly,” Valeca said.

At the recent PSD extraordinary congress on March 10, Deputy Catalin Radulescu, aka ‘the AKM MP’, challenged the decision made by the PSD Executive Committee to elect 16 vice-presidents by regions, 8 men and 8 women. Radulescu claimed this decision is illegal.

“I have appealed against the Executive Committee’s decision, which is non-statutory and unconstitutional, by restricting the candidacy of party members. Four years ago there was another kind of system, on lists. (…) Now it is more serious. It was decided that from each county, one person should run, man or woman. A man and a woman are to be elected for each region. I haven’t heard of such issue in my whole life, in the whole world, to ban the right by Constitution and by party statute to run for any kind of office, to elect and to be elected,” Radulescu said right before the congress.

“One cannot set rules for the congress, to amend the statute and, at the same congress, to conduct party elections, because there’s the custom that the amendments to the statute should be debated. When to file the appeals? After the congress?” Radulescu asked.

He said the current decision actually prevents important members of the party to run.

In May 2017, Social Democrat MP Catalin Radulescu, also known as „the AKM MP”, was indicted in the file he is charged with not observing the regime of weapons and ammunition.

He risks up to five years in prison after police officers discovered, during searches at his house, weapons that he was illegally holding.

The investigation in this file started following Radulescu’s controversial statements in March 2017. He said in an interview to ‘Adevarul’ that he would not hesitate to use an AKM machine gun that he has had since the 1989 Revolution against protesters in Victoriei Square.

However, during hearings, Radulescu told prosecutors that all he did was to show off and that he had a first gun in 1999.

Catalin Radulescu is in his second term as deputy.

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