ALDE’s Tariceanu replies to PSD’s Dragnea: One without the other could not ensure political majority. Justice Minister’s position still debated

Senate Speaker and ALDE leader, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, has said on Thursday that none of the ruling coalition parties could ensure the political majority by itself, thus answering to the PSD chair, Liviu Dragnea, who referred to the Justice Minister position, which allegedly belongs to the social-democrats.

“As far as Mr. Toader is concerned, I’ve stated my point of view yesterday. He is an independent minister in this position, I confirm what Liviu Dragnea said, it is PSD’s position. The issue is simple and clear. I haven’t received from the colleagues any request about Toader. Actually, I haven’t discussed yesterday with Mr. Dragnea about reshuffling,” Tariceanu said as an answer to Dragnea’s statements.

“I am sure Mr. Dragnea hasn’t made the statement out of polemic spirit. We are in a coalition and one without the other could not ensure the majority,” ALDE leader added.

PSD leader Liviu Dragnea denied earlier in the day the existence of any list with ministers who have to be reshuffled, voicing his astonishment that Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has been also rumored among the ministers to go.

„I didn’t understand why this topic has come out, why, all of a sudden, Tudorel Toader has become a topic?” Dragnea asked.

Journalists replied to him that Gabriela Firea had said Toader is topping such a list with minister who might be replaced, with Dragnea retorting ironically: „Maybe Mrs. Firea has mistaken lists,” he argued, referring to the list with PSD members who were asking for his resignation.

“There is no such list on reshuffle. I also talked to Mr. Tariceanu… Minister Toader is on a position of PSD. So, the negotiation has been very clear when the government was established, there are four ministers assumed by ALDE- Energy, Environment, Liaison with Parliament and the Foreign Ministry,” Dragnea said.

Several days ago the PSD chairman also mentioned the position of Tariceanu, i.e. Senate Speaker, allegedly it belongs to the social-democrats according to the political algorithm.


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