Analysis is needed for vote in Diaspora, problems could have been solved – Iohannis says

President Klaus Iohannis considers a profound analysis is needed in regard to the vote in Diaspora because, technically speaking, problems could have been solved during the first and second round of elections. During an interview for Turnulsfatului TV based in Sibiu, the head of state said that, following an attentive analysis, decisions will be taken. He had been asked if some of the envoys abroad might be recalled from office.

Preparations were partially inadequate, plain and simple, although some ambassadors had drawn the attention that there are not enough polling stations. Such issues, if intended to, could have been solved,” Iohannis said.

We remind our readers that two foreign ministers resigned due to the poor organization of elections abroad on November 2 and 16 in several European capitals, i.e. FM Titus Corlatean followed soon by FM Teodor Melescanu.

Regarding the other theme, the one of exaggerated accusation against him during the electoral campaign, President Iohannis said a politician should not have resentments and those that exaggerated with the accusations will have to live with the guilt. “No politician should bear resentments if he wants to play in this league. The President, the Prime Minister and many others are being elected to solve problems, not to unleash their emotions or resentments. This is my opinion,” Iohannis said during the interview.

“Between the two rounds, many didn’t believe in victory, but after I’ve won, as it often happens, everyone believed,” Iohannis said laughing.

Vila Lac 2, the current dwelling. Iohannis’s wife will come to Bucharest

During the same interview President Iohannis said he is currently residing at Vila Lac 2. If the situation changes, this would be a secondary aspect, he added.

Referring to his wife Carmen Iohannis, the President said there is going to be a transition period. “We’ve discussed the issue and she will accompany me in Bucharest, but there will be a transition period. She is going to get involved along with me in issues of competence for the First Lady,” Iohannis added.

Referring to the team of advisers at Cotroceni Palace, the president said the team is not yet complete, but is to be completed during January.

The president said he will spend the New Year’s Eve at Margininea Sibiului.

Vila Lac 2 has been allotted to the president by the government, until Vila Lac 3 is vacated by former President Traian Basescu, during a 3-month interval. Vila Lac 2 has 2,000 square metres and is surrounded by land in surface of 37,230 square metres, it has sauna and inside swimming pool. According to the RA-APPS, the Lac 2 and Lac 3 residences also have a skating rink, a tennis field and lockers.

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