Attending the USR-PLUS rally, Guy Verhofstadt announces a new group in the EP

Attending an electoral rally staged by USR-PLUS Alliance 2020 in Izvor Park in Bucharest on Friday, the leader of the ALDE MEPs, Guy Verhofstadt, has announced that after the upcoming European elections a new progressive group will take shape in the future European Parliament when European liberals will team up with Emmanuel Macron’s party La Republique en Marche, that will also include USR-PLUS.

The group will be defined as pro-European center-wing reformist, with Verhofstadt pointing out it will be the surprise of these elections, as it will prevent that a new majority in the EP is formed.

At the same time, the European leader announced that Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s ALDE in Romania will be ousted from the European ALDE group as of next week.

Verhofstadt told the USR-PLUS supporters defying the storm in Bucharest on Friday afternoon that it is for the first time there is the possibility of a new Europe, as it will be for the first time when two classic groups, Socialists on one hand and Conservatives on the other hand, will not have a majority across the European institutions.

This means the opportunity to build something new (…) we’ll create a new movement in Europe and instead of nationalists and populists, there will be this pro-European centrist group that will the surprise of these elections (…) With Emmanuel Macron’s party, with USR-PLUS from Romania, we’ll work to reform the European Union based on a new platform”, he stated.

The leader of ALDE group in the EP added that Europe represents such values as democracy, liberty, observing human rights, rule of law, and the fight against corruption, and these values are antithetical with the incumbent PSD-ALDE government.

As a matter of fact, Guy Verhofstadt, announced that as of next week, ALDE Romania will be expelled from the European ALDE group, for the party is adopting “laws that are weakening the anti-corruption fight, that are jeopardizing the rule of law and that are serving only the interests of several politicians, not the interests of citizens”.

Asked if there is room of ALDE Romania in the new reformist group, he replied that there is no more room for them for the simple reason that they are not practising anymore the Liberal principles and values, like the rule of law, accusing them they just want to protect the personal interests of the Socialist ruling. “It seems that this is more important to them than the rule of law, than the freedom of speech and, definitely, more important than the fight against corruption. We cannot accept that”.

Dan Barna announces USP-PLUS Alliance will have a candidate for Presidency

At the same meeting, the co-chairman of USR-PLUS, Dan Barna, has announces as a first that the Alliance 2020 will have a candidate for Presidency at the upcoming presidential elections in the autumn.

Barna stated that USR-PLUS goal is to provide Romania with a president, a prime minister in one year and a half, but also to win local elections in Bucharest and replace the current general mayor.

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