Barna, USR: Ludovic Orban rejected idea of USR joining ruling

Dan Barna told Digi24 on Sunday that dismissed PM Ludovic Orban had rejected the idea of USR joining ruling in case of no early elections. USR chairman voiced discontent that the Liberal government had fulfilled only 4 in those 18 points agreed in the political deal signed by the Union to endorse the government.

“I talked to PM Orban on Friday, we’ll have a new meeting on Tuesday most probably. We endorse the early elections project with all our resources and we are somehow aligned on what’s going to happen in the upcoming period,” Barna said.

The USR chairman slammed PSD, but also Calin Popescu Tariceanu (ALDE) and Victor Ponta (Pro Romania) for their duplicity game. “We saw Mr. Tariceanu’s questionable game, we already know that Mr. Ponta is a free, hardly predictable electron. The stake is for Romania to have snap elections, for, otherwise, we’ll throw another year away. Besides the political show, in real life we’ll have a real non-governance year”, Barna added.

Asked about talking to Orban about joining ruling, Barna replied that this topic has been tackled, but Orban “declined USR’s availability to join ruling.”

“I will make this offer again, I repeat, if early elections are not happening. Early elections are the top priority”.

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