Basescu lashes out at intelligence over alleged electoral immixture

Three days before the presidential elections, Romanian President Traian Basescu exhaled in an unprecedented move against national intelligence services, accusing them of interference in the ongoing electoral campaign. Thus, Basescu jumped into Elena Udrea’s defence, after she has been shot at a shopping session in Paris in February, next to a top female magistrate, head of the national watchdog body fighting organized crime and terrorism, Alina Bica and to the ex-chief of the National Investments Company, Ana Maria Topoliceanu. Both Basescu and Udrea claim PMP contender has been the victim of a trailing action typical to the secret services. Moreover, Basescu detailed that the Romanian and the French intelligence were granting each other a favor in this trailing operation. In her turn, Udrea said he would sue the hotel for unveiling the accommodation bill, while magistrate Bica asked CSM to probe into the photos’ exposure and media coverage. Udrea, Bica and Topoliceanu said trip to Paris proved nothing wrong, as they are all friends and it was their private spare time.

While at B1TV on Thursday night, the President argues that pictures of Elena Udrea in Paris are proving intelligence secret services got involved in the campaign still in progress. Basescu said he would meet secret services’ heads on Monday, after the first round of elections. “I think they are strong, good intelligence, professionally speaking, but now they made a mistake. We are not speaking about the entire service. There are only some persons from the leadership who, not caring for the service’s neutrality must, overstepped the line. He denied he had controlled the intelligence during his term. “I just reined them in and now, as my term comes to an end, there are some foul plays at the top and I don’t like that”, Basescu said.

He unveiled he summoned SRI and SIE heads and deputy chiefs on September 10 in order to warn them not to interfere in the electoral campaign. “ Melescanu’s immixture needs no further comments. He probably left my office and then began to gather signatures for his candidacy”, Basescu commented, referring to the ex-SIE director Teodor Melescanu who resigned from office in September and joined the presidential race.

In the head of state’s view, it is all related to the harsh fight for Presidency. “The supreme combat is on who becomes the next Romanian President. Some are supporting Ponta but others, who know they will be kicked out of the services if Ponta comes to Cotroceni, are going for Iohannis. I know that very well”, he said, adding that it is important to see where Elena Udrea’s five, six, seven, eight per cent would go in the run-offs.

Snap elections forecast if Iohannis wins

Speaking of the run-offs, President Basescu forecast that snap elections will follow if Klaus Iohannis wins the elections and later on he is declared incompatible. Basescu also accused ACL’ s presidential candidate he gained PNL leadership by ‘slyness’ and for that reason he personally trusted more Antonescu than Iohannis.

As for Victor Ponta, the head of state accused him of using public money as if it was his own in order to buy votes, precisely he said the premier allotted RON 3 bln for electoral giveaways. Basescu also accused that the incumbent prime minister wants to give Snagov villa (his current presidential residence) to MEPs Ivan and Daciana Sarbu (e.n. premier’s wife) to set up a foundation.

As a matter of fact, the head of state pointed out that Romanians have never been in the position to choose among such worse candidates like they are now.

EADS file to affect all political parties

Asked about EADS case and how it will affect the political class, taking into account the rumored names of some top politicians, Basescu said that all parties would be affected by the upcoming disclosures, if the information reported to him proves to be true. He denied Udrea or some premiers’ involvement in the case and also dismissed the information that the file has not been yet given to the public because there are also some intelligence officers involved in it. “Both Microsoft and EADS files are depending on some letters rogatory, irrespective of DNA’ s wish to bring them into the open”, Basescu explained.

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