Basescu tries to push Udrea in the run-off, attacks Iohannis on incompatibility issue

One week before the elections, President Traian Basescu came into light again with fresh attacks against the two front-runners in the presidential elections due next Sunday. Basescu went dining with PMP’s presidential candidate Elena Udrea, Cluj Mayor Emil Boc, still a Democrat-Liberal member and other PMP members on Sunday evening at a restaurant in the Capital Old Center. After he went out, the head of state said that Klaus Iohannis is in a difficult position due to the incompatibility file. Basescu stated Iohannis’ incompatibility file is has been at the Supreme Court since 2013. “Firstly, the court should have judge this file before Iohannis had entered the presidential race, which would have been the most fair of all options (…) According to a second option, the court should have discussed it before voters going to polls, less correct than the first version but less worse than if it was discussed after closing the ballot boxes. In this case, from the political point of view we could only say that Justice would have a great say in the elections, which is not allowed in a democratic country. People has the right to decide on the President and not the Justice”, Basescu said. He opined that it would have been moral for Iohannis himself to ask that his file should be on trial before running for Presidency. “But morality stories are now similar to the ones about his six –seven houses giving private lessons”, Basescu commented.

The Supreme Court will judge the National Integrity Agency’s complaint to change the court day for Iohannis’ incompatibility file on Monday. In 2013 ANI accused Iohannis of being incompatible as he was Sibiu mayor and at the same time the city’s representative in some public companies’ stockholders general meeting.

Asked to comment Basescu’s statements, Klaus Iohannis told a press conference that the President should trust Justice more. “I can reassure him that I have great confidence in the Romanian justice system and I have no problem with that”, he said. As for the Monday’s trial, Iohannis said that, for all he knows, ANI’s request for a speedy trial is discussed. “Frankly, I would like for a faster trial, to end up this farce for good. I just didn’t find appropriate to tell the Supreme Court what to do and when to set a term for the trial. The Supreme Court is the one to set all terms, independent of the Mr. President’s wish or his discontent”, ACL candidate concluded.

On the other hand, the Liberal candidate slammed Social Democrat Party for spreading flyers saying Iohnnis cut pensions and will cut them when he becomes President. “Shame on you! PSD is leading an abject campaign against me (…) I do not want to cut pensions”, Iohannis said, also condemning the fact PSD dragged the Romanian Post in this “infamous” campaign by sending its flyers along with the pension slips.

I cannot prove Ponta was undercover agent

On the other hand, coming back to Traian Basescu’s Sunday attacks, the head of state said he has no evidence to prove PM Ponta was an undercover officer. “Victor Ponta was a Foreign Intelligence Service officer between 1997-2001 when he was also serving as a prosecutor. Probably SIE protected some persons whom it had special interest to be covered and did this against the Constitution”, Basescu said.

Asked if he can prove this, the head of state answered: “No, I haven’t, but Victor Ponta can revise the abusive government decree stipulating this. Opposite to SIE law, he also introduced reservists in the categories of the officers who cannot be disclosed. Until then, only active officers were protected against exposure”, Basescu said.















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