Biden – B9 leaders consultations. Iohannis asked for increasing NATO and US military presence in Romania

US President Joe Biden stressed the U.S. commitment to continued close consultation and coordination with all NATO allies and partners.


US President Joe Biden held consultations on Thursday night with his Romanian counterpart, Klaus Iohannis, and the leaders of the other Eastern European allies in the Bucharest 9 format, as Westerners fear an invasion. The countries that are part of the “Bucharest 9” format are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria.

The leaders discussed Russia’s destabilizing military buildup along Ukraine’s border and the need for a united, ready, and resolute NATO stance for the collective defense of Allies.

President Biden stressed the U.S. commitment to continued close consultation and coordination with all our Transatlantic Allies and partners as we work towards de-escalation of the current crisis through deterrence, defense, and dialogue, according to a statement by the

A Reuters report  had claimed though that the US President promised more military support to NATO members in Central and Eastern Europe as concerns about the joining of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine grew. Biden also assured allies that Washington would not reach an agreement with Russia “behind their backs,” the adviser to the Lithuanian president said.

He said that additional military elements and capabilities are possible to reassure security in these countries,” Asta Skaisgiryte said, without naming the countries in which US forces will be supplemented.

In his turn, the Romanian head of state Klaus Iohannis underlined during the discussion the need for NATO to be fully equipped to meet Russia’s challenges.

According to the Presidential Administration, the main topic of the consultations, which took place by phone, focused on the worrying security situation in NATO’s Eastern Flank and in the Black Sea region, in which President Joseph Biden presented the results of his recent discussion with the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, as well as his evaluation.

Discussions occasioned an exchange of views on the impact of Russia’s actions on the security of allies and partners in the region and coordination between allied states, the Presidency said in a press release.

In his speech, Klaus Iohannis welcomed the dialogue in the Bucharest Format (B9), which confirms the value of this format of consultation and coordination between allies, especially in the current context of security challenges in the North Atlantic Alliance’s Eastern Neighborhood.

President Iohannis emphasized the importance of informing, coordinating and consulting with allies in the face of these security challenges, emphasizing that maintaining the unity of allied states is essential at this time.

The Romanian President reiterated the need to strengthen NATO’s advanced presence on the Eastern Flank, including and especially at the Black Sea, which is of strategic importance for Euro-Atlantic security as a whole.

“We need to make sure that NATO is fully equipped to meet Russia’s challenges,” Klaus Iohannis said, according to the Presidential Administration’s press statement.

Klaus Iohannis also voiced support for increasing the military presence of NATO and the United States, respectively, in Romania and in the Black Sea area, as an expression of the allied solidarity and the solid Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States.


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