Big Brother law reinstated on Gov’t, Parliament and civil society agenda

Big Brother law and the one regarding prepaid phone cards will be again on the agenda of the Government, Parliament and the civil society, Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) director claiming these means are necessary as there is a need to identify all risk factors, in the context of new terrorist threats.

During the joint meeting of the Strategic Inter-ministerial Group for preventing and combating macro-criminality and the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations was set that it is required an integrated approach and a maximum usage of the cooperation mechanisms of the two structures in order to prevent and combat events which could seriously affect the security environment.

In this regard, it was agreed that it is necessary to put again on the agenda of the Government, Parliament and civil society, the package of laws indispensable to ensuring public safety and national security climate, according to the new developments in the security situation, but also to the EU and national norms in the field, shows the Interior Ministry (MAI) in a press release quoted by Mediafax.

“These regulations aim at retention of data generated or processed by providers of public electronic communications networks, setting the clear, well-defined, predictable and foreseeable legal framework in the field of prepaid cards’ usage, but also the need to use, in legal terms, the images obtained from the public video monitoring systems,” said MAI.

SRI director George Maior argued that these legal means are necessary to services dealing with national security, as at the moment there is the need to properly identify all risk factors.

Referring to the situation generated by recent events in France, SRI director of showed that the new terrorist threats are likely to seriously endanger national security and public order, but also the credibility and the authority of law enforcement institutions.

In his turn, the Vice-premier for National Security, Gabriel Oprea, stressed that ensuring a public security environment requires the existence of effective operational mechanisms of state structures, in parallel with a high level of responsibility in regards with ensuring the procedural guarantees of the persons under investigation.

The joint meeting, led by Vice-premier Gabriel Oprea, focused on the analysis of the dynamics of the security situation at the level of the European Union and Romania’s strategic focus areas, as well as of the development of capabilities of intervention in special emergency situations.

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