Bill on removing special pensions for mayors rejected by the Human Rights committee

The Committee for human rights has rejected on Thursday to the law cutting the special pensions for mayors after PNL, UDMR and PSD had abstained from voting , and USR-PLUS and AUR were the only parties to have voted the draft.

Deputy PM and USR-PLUS co-chairman Dan Barna said that he will raise this issue within the ruling coalition.

“It is a topic to discuss in the coalition, as everybody in the coalition endorsed the removing of special pensions, but here it comes when the vote came USR PLUS remained alone. It is a fact: in the committee for human rights the draft bill on removing the mayors’ special pensions was voted only by USR and two other MPs”, said Barna.

In retort, PNL chairman Ludovic Orban said that the enforcement of the law on special pensions for mayors had been delayed and the issue will be regulated in the future pension law.

“There are currently no special pensions paid for mayors. In my capacity as Prime Minister, I postponed the enforcement of the Administrative Code’s provisions and PM Citu has also delayed the enforcement. Obviously, the pension laws will regulate this wide issue, there is an intense activity at the Labour Ministry. At the same time, there is committee within the coalition that is preparing the reform on pensions”, Orban said.

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