Bucharest mayor Firea heard by prosecutors: They tried to make the Capital prefect a scapegoat. I don’t criticise PSD, I just won’t allow manipulation anymore

Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea, currently at war with the Social Democrat Party, has been heard at the Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday in the file of the violent intervention during the Diaspora rally on August 10, stating that in her view, there has been an attempt to make Bucharest prefect a scapegoat in this case. She added she is not in the camp of those who are criticising the ruling Social Democrat Party, but that she is one of the members who won’t allow anymore the distortion of the truth and manipulations.

We talked about elements falling under the general mayor’s duty, particularly the ones referring to the meeting’s authorization, if it has been approved or not, if there has been any organizer to assume responsibility for the meeting on August 10. The mayor must observe the law 215 on the public local administration, we don’t have military responsibilities, we don’t know the professional secrecy of the institutions authorized by the law to restore the public order, and we cannot coordinate such events (…),” Firea said.

There has been an attempt to make the Bucharest prefect as scapegoat, but the investigation will reveal that she has no blame. She could not have had access to professional secrecy and military orders. The prefect has no ORNISS certificate and she has no access to such information. All that she did was to counter-sign that intervention order, that had been already written by the Gendarmerie’s representative,” the general mayor pointed out.

„I am among those who won’t accept manipulation anymore”

As for the latest tensions between her and the PSD leaders, Firea said: „I am not in the camp of those who are criticising PSD, but I am among those who prove lucidity inside PSD and who won’t accept forever that the truth is distorted and that we are manipulated.

About chairman Liviu Dragnea, Firea said she expects him to end the attacks, arguing she is not impressed by the toxic messages sent through advisers and through mass media, adding she wants to be allowed to talked and that veiled attacks come to an end.

There is a war which is not quite clean that is staged underground,” Firea mentioned. Asked if it is a message to Liviu Dragnea, she replied: „Precisely”.

Message to President Iohannis

Gabriela Firea has also slammed President Klaus Iohannis, arguing he should be more preoccupied with the good of the country than with his protocol budget and with the electoral campaign.

Bucharest mayor added that, while „Klaus Iohannis was coming and going”, others were working and had their ears pulled for nothing.

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