Bucharest mayor Firea: I have information hat Dragnea is spying on me

Bucharest general mayor Gabriela Firea, currently at war with the PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea, has launched fresh accusations against him. She told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Wednesday night that she has accurate information that Liviu Dragnea is spying on her, monitoring her activity, but also the City Hall headquarters.

„I have accurate information that he is spying on me, spying my activity, event the City Hall building. There are people who have visitem me these days and who have been called directly by him after that to be asked why they had come to me,” Firea said.

The mayor explained she was „not  politically conspiring” with these people but she had normal discussions.

Firea further said that she expected to be invited by Dragnea for talks in the past days, but that didn’t happen.

Some (of those spying) are party colleagues, others are people who have connections with the party, but who are not members. It was shocking that, instead of me being invited to talk, to analyse, he thought it’s better to continue with all this stratagem to avoid the truth, to sweep the arguments under the rug and to behave exactly like those who he officially hate. I wonder that came from, maybe also from Mrs. Dan, to watch the city hall’s building, my house?” Firea stated.

The Capital general mayor stressed that the Social Democrat Party’s Executive Committee will decide about her stances in the past days and if she will be ousted from the party.

As for the amnesty and pardon emergency ordinance, Firea said that Dragnea can have it anytime. „He hasn’t released it yet for he wants to have it as a bargaining chip with important people. He will adopt the ordinance if needed, for otherwise he will remain without this blackmail object,” she argued. She also had a stance on this issue on Wednesday.

We’ve come to the fact that PSD=a sole person. Equating a sole person and PSD has never happened in the party, not even during the time of Iliescu, Nastase, Geoana or Ponta. There is this communication strategy to not allow any discontent slip from inside the party. If you have complaints, you are immediately labelled,” Firea added.

Other PSD members’s stances

Labour minister Olguta Vasilescu said that Liviu Dragnea ca step aside from the chairman position only following a Congress, stressing that no scandal is doing any good to the party. Vasilescu considers that rebukes must not be made in public. Referring to Firea’s statement that she would have been blocked by the party leadership on the projects for the city hall, Labour minister says that ministers should come out and confirm those deadlocks.

In his turn, the PSD leader in Buzau, Marcel Ciolacu, close to former PM Mihai Tudose denied there would be a group trying to remove Liviu Dragnea from the PSD helm, also opining that the freedom of speech should exist in the party.

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