CCR: The Parliament will decide the date of elections, not the Gov’t

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) has ruled on Wednesday that the date of the local and parliamentary elections must be settled by law by the Parliament, not by the Government. CCR has also decided that the extension of the local authorities’ mandates cannot be adopted by government ordinance, but only by law.

The Government is Liberal in Romania, while the Social Democrats are holding the majority in Parliament.

Therefore, by the end of the current parliamentary session, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate must pass a law to establish by how many months the mandates of the local elected leaders will be extended (the local and county councilmen).

CCR has discussed the two complaints filed by the Liberal Party and the Government against the law passed by the lower chamber regarding the extension of the local elected councilmen’s mandates and the establishment of the elections by the Parliament.

The MPs adopted a bill on April 23 to extend the mandates of the local councilmen by the end of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill also enables the Parliament with the right to establish the date of the elections this year through an organic law.

The Liberals have referred the law to the Constitutional Court as they are unhappy with the amendment through which the Parliament is stripping the Government’s role to establish the date of the local and general elections.

The bill adopted by the Parliament says that the current mandates of the mayors, Bucharest general mayor of the county and local leaders, of the local councils and councilmen are extended by six months at the most since the end of the state of emergency. The law also says that the date of the local elections scheduled in 2020 is settled by the Parliament by organic law, at least 75 days before the ballot.

The Government has been the one to set the date of elections in the past 30 years.
Liberals consider hold local elections on September 27, and the parliamentary elections to term on December 6.

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