Chamber of Deputies adopts law to increase Police powers

The Chamber of Deputies, as decision making body, has adopted on Wednesday the draft law through which Police officers gain more attributions during their missions. Among the provisions of the law is the fine for those who refuse to legitimize themselves to the police. The Opposition complains that police officers will be able to commit abuses against the citizens.

The bill for amending and supplementing the normative acts in the field of public order and safety, initiated by Interior Minister Carmen Dan and former Justice Minister Florin Iordache, was adopted with 173 votes for, 82 against and six abstentions.

Opposition parties PNL and USR pointed to the abuses policemen could commit. USR representatives said on Tuesday they will vote against the draft bill, saying that it include several harmful provisions.

The law 61/1991 on sanctioning the offenses of violating social cohabitation norms, or public order and safety is thus amended.

Among the amendments admitted by the Deputies is the one referring to the offense of those who refuse to legitimize to the Police.


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