Chamber of Deputies passes bill of wind farms in the Black Sea

The law on offshore wind energy, a bill initiated by the Ministry of Energy, was approved on Tuesday by the Chamber of Deputies, as the decision-making chamber. Data from the World Bank show that Romania has an offshore wind potential of 76 GW of installed power, which means a lot – the equivalent of more than 100 nuclear reactors from Cernavoda.

“At the pace imposed by the draft law, in 2032 we will be able to have the first MW of wind energy produced offshore in the National Energy System. At the same time, the production of offshore wind energy will allow us to consolidate the Romanian industry through the domestic production of green hydrogen and valuable products added based on green ammonia”, claims the Minister of Energy Sebastian Burduja.

The Ministry of Energy will start, within 3 months from the entry into force of the law, a specialized study based on which the concession procedure and exploration activities, construction of offshore wind power plants and their exploitation will be prepared. Among other things, the study will determine the maritime perimeters that the Ministry of Energy will concession.

Based on the study, by March 31, 2025, the Government will approve the offshore wind perimeters, and by June 30, 2025, the subsequent law enforcement acts, after which the Ministry of Energy will initiate a competitive procedure for awarding concession contracts.

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