Chamber’s Legal Committee gives green light to Udrea’s arrest, criminal prosecution’s extension

Deputies of the Legal Committee on Sunday approved the three requests of the National Anti-corruption Directorate asking for Elena Udrea’s arrest in Microsoft and Bute Gala files.

The members of the committee have also given the green light to the extension of the criminal prosecution in the “Bute Gala” case and of criminal prosecution in Microsoft file.

The newly elected president of the People’s Movement Party, Eugen Tomac has previously said that the party formerly lead by Elena Udrea would vote for the initiation of criminal proceedings against her, but would not favor Udrea’s arrest.

Elena Udrea finds it natural that PMP lawmakers should vote for the initiation of criminal proceedings against her. “I have never opposed criminal prosecution. I think Parliament should not be a shield against criminal investigations (…)”, she said.

However, the former Regional Development and Tourism minister claimed one again she is the target of a denigration action which is aiming at putting her to silence.

She explained the two criminal proceedings filed against her in the Microsoft case are cursory and unreliable, as she doesn’t even know one of the denunciation’s authors. Moreover, Udrea argues that these denunciations were registered on the file since January 29 when she was placed under legal restrictions pending trial and despite them, the prosecutors were not asking for her arrest back then. “I think there is an assault against me at this moment, I am target of a denigration action,” Udrea said on Sunday, also resuming the idea that her denunciation against Florian Coldea, the interim director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, has triggered “all this avalanche of arrest requests.”

PM Ponta compares Udrea-Basescu to Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu

Traian Basescu and Elena Udrea were heads of several illegalities, just like Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu before 1989, but there were other persons next to them, too, PM Victor Ponta said at Romania TV on Sunday evening.

“I am convinced that all guilty persons must pay for their deeds and I am certain that not all facts were committed by a single person. Sure, Basescu and Udrea were the heads, just like Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu used to be before 1989, but to say that only them did the entire job…we know very well it is not true,” Ponta said, explaining he is referring to the opposition politicians who are preparing new ruling majorities.


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