Chamber’s legal committee on tax evasion: prison avoided if the prejudice plus 20pc is paid

The legal committee in the Chamber of Deputies has given a favorable report to the draft law that says that people charged with tax evasion will get away with the criminal prosecution and avoid prison if they pay the entire prejudice, plus another 20 per cent of the owed sum.

At the same time, an amendment operated in Chamber of Deputies, stipulates that the court can rule the timeframe to cover the damages, from one to three years. The Senate gave a deadline of 3 years.

However, the Opposition deputies, from USR and PNL have announced they consider challenging the bill to the Constitutional Court, as the text is not clear.

We have not endorsed this draft for it lacks basic information, for instance how many tax evasion crimes have been committed in one year, how many have been sent to court. All that we are doing now can be considered that it is for the benefit of certain people. We have to see the cases, if the tax evasion is committed by a small entrepreneur, if there is the big tax evasion, where tough measures are needed,” said USR deputy Stelian Ion.

PNL deputy Ioan Cupsa announced that his party will also analyse the possibility of notifying the Constitutional Court over the draft, which has been initiated by several PSD MPS, among whom there is also Catalin Radulescu.

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici has said on Tuesday that the bill represents a first step and that a wider draft in the field would be presented.

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