Ciolos: USR will submit one-colour government in Parliament

After the Liberals turned them down to discuss on the a potential endorsement for a new Cabinet led by Dacian Ciolos, the PM-designate and USR chairman announced that USR will propose a government and a governing program in the Parliament early next week.

Dacian Ciolos gave the PNL a deadline until Sunday: “If PNL has other ideas, they know where to find us. I am waiting for decisions and proposals.”

PNL decided not to support Cioloș for the formation of a new government and sent him to secure a majority in Parliament together with AUR and PSD.

Dacian Cioloș has thus announced the next steps that USR will take after the PNL’s refusal to rebuild the governing coalition.

“Prime Minister Cîțu did not want to meet today. USR had only one goal – to form a government as soon as possible. In this regard, we proposed PNL and UDMR a program with concrete solutions. Unfortunately, PNL refused to negotiate with the prime minister appointed by President Iohannis and I can only appeal to the PNL not to run away from responsibility, because Romania needs a government. I hope we can find the solution. In order to resolve the crisis as soon as possible, USR remains determined to propose, until the beginning of next week, a Government, because in Parliament it is seen whether or not there is support. There is a USR meeting to establish the governing program and an USR one-colour cabinet. If PNL is not ready to offer solutions, no problem, USR will assume it. Until Sunday afternoon, PNL knows how to find us if it has other ideas. USR will not negotiate with PSD. PNL is the one that negotiated with PSD, so I don’t think it’s appropriate for them to teaches us lessons. We will prepare a program with measures and a team, we will present them in the Parliament. The majority is demonstrated in Parliament,” Ciolos stated.

He added that USR is for now the only one that took the responsibility of ruling. “The one who sabotaged the government and the trust was Florin Citu when he dismissed the USR ministers. I can understand some emotional urges, but it is time to get over them, for people are dying in hospitals. There are solutions to overcome this period, but they must be taken by a government, not by someone who is psychoanalyzing,” the PM designate said.

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