Citu: PNL will abstain from voting in Parliament on Ciolos Gov’t

The chairman of the National Liberal Party, Florin Cîțu, said today that the Liberal MPs will abstain from voting the USR ministers proposed by PM designate Dacian Ciolos either in committees and also in the plenary session, arguing that, in this way, PNL shows openness to USR, and maturity.

“I asked my colleagues to show decency and professionalism during today’s hearings. The decision was taken, we will abstain from voting. It’s a decision taken in the party’s Executive Bureau, we’ll secure quorum, but we’ll not vote,” Citu said.

The Liberal chairman also stated that the party is open to resume discussions with USR.

“We are proving here maturity, openness. PNL MPs will not cast a vote against this government, as it happened on the other side, so we want to get over it. What’s done in the past is done, let’s solve the problem starting tomorrow”, Citu added.

He announced that PNL will try to form a majority around PNL after tomorrow’s vote. “We’ll put all options on the table, solutions for this winter, we’ll see the answer. If you remember, the protocol is simple: PNL has the position of PM in this coalition”, he argued.

Asked if he is willing to take a step back for the former coalition to be restored, Citu replied: “I don’t understand this with the step back. We all have to take a step forward, from now on. We all have to assume this ruling. PNL has some decisions taken. No other parties can censure the PNL’s decisions”.

Also questioned if it’s possible for this crisis to extend and for him to remain interim PM by spring, Citu voiced hope this won’t happen, but mentioned they have a plan and resources to manage this situation.

The Liberal leader has not ruled out the snap elections either: “All solutions are on the table”.

The ministers proposed by PM designate Dacian Ciolos are being heard in the parliamentary committees today. The committees’ opinion is advisory. The vote on the list of ministers and ruling programme is due in the plenary session of the Parliament on Wednesday, October 20.

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