Ciuca Cabinet’s minister list to be submitted in Parliament today, the plenary vote most probably on Thursday

The line-up of the Government led by Nicolae Ciucă and the governing program of the new PNL-PSD-UDMR coalition will be submitted to the Parliament on Tuesday, which will establish the calendar of hearing the proposed ministers and the vote in the plenary joint session of the two Chambers, most likely on Thursday. Also, the PSD leadership is convening today to decide whom they propose for the position of deputy prime minister and the general secretary of the Government.

Following consultations with PSD, PNL and UDMR on Monday, President Klaus Iohannis has officially appointed General Nicolae Ciuca for prime minister.

There was some dissatisfaction inside PSD related to the position of deputy prime minister, which would have been held by Sorin Grindeanu, proposed to the Ministry of Transport. Gabriela Firea told the party that she is not satisfied with the Family Ministry and would like the position of Deputy Prime Minister without a portfolio.

Marcel Ciolacu announced on Monday evening that he will decide who holds this position, which, in the structure of the Government, belongs to the PSD chairman, but which he does not want. Ciolacu will submit his candidacy for the head of the Chamber of Deputies.

A retired general, Nicolae Ciucă, now acting as a PNL politician, is to lead the PNL-PSD-UDMR government for the upcoming one year and a half, according to the deal inked between PSD and PNL on a rotational system of holding the PM seat.

According to this deal, PSD would take over the PM position after one year and a half.

The list of agreed ministers from PSD, PNL and UDMR is available here.

However, the Social Democrats  seem to have already changed their mind regarding one of the proposed ministers. More precisely, they gave up to nominate Galati senator Marius Humelnicu as Economy minister. Humelnicu decided to withdraw, after this thing had been suggested to him by the PSD leadership, sources from PSD revealed.

Marius Humelnicu, currently a senator, was a football player till 2007, city manager in Galați and state secretary within the Transport ministry.

Immediately PSD came up with a new nomination for the Economy portfolio: Florin Spataru. He has been coordinating the HR&Legal, HSE, Administrative departments of Galati Damen Shipyard for 12 year and working in the ship sector since 1995.

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