Consultations with political parties kick off at Cotroceni. PNL leader: We are ready to assume government. USR, Pro Romania in favour of early elections, UDMR, PMP, ALDE against

President Klaus Iohannis has started the consultation with the parliamentary parties on Friday, to form a new government after Dancila Cabinet had been dismissed by a no-confidence vote in Parliament a day ago.
Liberals were the first to start talks with the head of state, while PSD the last. Viorica Dancila announced she will not come for consultations, as there was no Executive Committee of the party to decide on that, also stressing that she hopes no PSD member breaks this decision.
The chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, has stated after the consultations that PNL is ready to assume the ruling if President Iohannis is asking that and if no early elections are decided.

“PNL’s stance is very clear: if there is an agreement on early elections, we will endorse it. If this is not possible and Klaus Iohannis is asking for a new government, PNL is ready to assume ruling. If we are called to govern, we will consult within the party and come up with a ruling programme. We have been ready to govern a long time ago”, Orban said.

After the censure motion had passed on Thursday, President Iohannis said that the best solution would be early elections, but they can be held only if there is consensus.

The option of early elections has been strongly claimed by USR, with leader Dan Barna saying that USR will assume ruling only following snap elections.

After the consultation with the Romanian President, Dan Barna stated that their stance is forming a government that will prepare early elections next year, potentially in March.

“We forwarded the pact on early elections, the president has somehow agreed, namely that early elections are the moral solution for Romania. At the same time we talked about establishing the government. Romania needs a new government that has the goal to organise early elections sometime in March next year“, Barna said.

On the other hand, UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor said after the consultations that UDMR does not agree the early elections, as “they would extend the crisis”. UDMR has made three proposals: a government led by an UDMR premier, a political government led by an independent premier or a Cabinet led by Liberal Ludovic Orban.

“We need a government validated in Parliament as soon as possible. We need a budget rectification asap. We need a government to rule for 12 months, that should approve the budget, to organise presidential, local and general elections and to only provide a fair administration, without excesses, extravagance or emergency ordinances. We don’t believe in the early elections version. It would mean an interim government until May, no budget. To throw the country in such a crisis means you are irresponsible”, UDMR leader argued.

PMP leader Eugen Tomac said that the best option would be to designate a prime minister from his party , who “should not be a danger for the others”. Tomac underlined that the next government must adopt an emergency ordinance to reduce the number of MPs and to get back tot the mayors being elected in two rounds. He said the early elections scenario doesn’t stand, for “if a first Cabinet fails, a second one would be surely voted”. “It is an attempt to trick the voters,” Tomac argued.

On the other side Pro Romania has voiced support for early elections, to be held in “May-June” next year.

“We haven’t brought any proposal for PM, we only expressed our availability to provide the country’s stability. Our desire is that a PM to be nominated as soon as possible,” said first vice-president Daniel Constantin, who added that they only proposed  Corina Cretu for the EU Commissioner position.

Călin Popescu Tăriceanu, ALDE chairman, said his party is endorsing a PNL government and that it won’t join ruling. However, he voiced against early elections.

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