Controversial bill granting ranks in exchange for money donations

Romanian MPs race for the strangest bills ever. Recently, 32 deputies and senators tabled a bill saying that any Romanian citizen who wants to donate money for facilities at the Defence Ministry can receive compensations in exchange including ranks. The bill was tabled at the Chamber of Deputies.

Fortunately, the bill has few chances to turn into law, as vice-premier Gabriel Oprea and Defence minister Mircea Dusa said they are not agreeing it, while some of the signers began to back out.

The initiators said that the funds collected by the physical persons would be exclusively used for logistic facilities, for purchasing new, modern ammunition and weapons. They claim their intention is good, as at least EUR 18m could be raised if every citizen donated EUR 1.

Moreover, the lawmakers thought to encourage donations by offering deductions from expenses, tax cutbacks, medals and even ranks in the Romanian Army.

For donating EUR 1,000 to 5,000 annually for five years you can become N.C.O. in reserve. EUR 5,000 to 10,000 paid for 7 years will bring you a military officer rank

The most generous donation mounting at least EUR 50,000 would ensure a general rank. The condition is to pay this sum on an annual basis at least 12 years.

In retort, VP Gabriel Oprea, also Interior Minister voiced his opposition to the bill, arguing mayors are the ones who could help the Army more.

In his turn, DefMin Mircea Dusa said it’s not fair to give ranks in exchange for donations and it is the Romanian state that must ensure the financing for the army.

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